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Fri 28 Jan 2022

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Lobster Issue 43 Summer 2002

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Date:Summer 2002
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Parafinance: Enron and drilling for red ink - John Burnes
    • Introduction
    • Parafinance
    • Special purpose vehicles
    • Market-rigging
    • Hedge funds
    • Andersen
    • Andersen, PFI and New Labour
    • Berlusconi
    • Cheerleaders

  • Blair and Israel
    Extracted from Chapter 6 of The Rise of New Labour by Robin Ramsay

  • How to fix an election - Garrick Alder
    • First pick your voters
    • Bring out your dead
    • Blind them with science
    • If you can't steal them, invent them
    • The element of surprise

    • Using the 2000 presidential election as an example
    • The element of surprise
    • First pick your voters
    • If you can't steal them, invent them
    • Purging the voters
    • Blind them with science

  • Kitson revisited -- John Newsinger
    • Learning the ropes
    • Low intensity operations
    • The war in Northern Island

  • Mind control etc
    • Active denial
    • Verichip
    • Mobile phones
    • Mind control: implants
    • HAARP

  • The corporate ex-spook business -- Corinne Souza
    • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    • Corporate citizenship
    • Regulation
    • Commercial environment
    • Intelligence sources

  • Obituaries
    • Morris Riley
    • John McGuffin,
    • General Sir Walter Walker
    • L. Fletcher Prouty
    • William Couper

  • Into the Whitehall maw -- Jane Affleck
    1. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT)
      • Introduction
      • Duty to investigate
      • Insufficient resources
      • IPT rules
      • An odd system, distorted by the need for secrecy
      • Malcolm Kennedy's case

    2. The Norman Baker case, the Information Tribunal, and MI5 certificates
      Challenging MI5's blanket exemption from the subject access provision of the Data Protection Act 1998
      • Obtaining personal data using the Data Protection Act 1998
      • The Norman Baker case
      • New certificate issued by MI5
      • A policy change?

  • The View from the Bridge
    • Bilderberg and the EU
    • Off target
    • The truth isn't out there after all
    • Plus ca change
    • 'Mind control' bill in the US Congress
    • McKinney again
    • Good news! Or bad...
    • Does disinformation work?
    • I-oops
    • Told you so
    • A history man

  • Smearing Robert Henderson

  • Tittle tattle 1 -- Tom Easton
    • Mandy, The Independent and Europe
    • Islington South: a Labour-free zone?
    • Friends of Mo
    • Hennessy
    • Enron and New Labour

  • Tittle tattle 2 -- Robin Ramsay
    • Crime fighting?
    • Mad or bad?
    • Delusions of something
    • Faking it
    • Toe curling
    • The CIA and the 1975 referendum on EEC membership
    • Ho Hum
    • BBC blocks staff access to www.bilderberg.org
    • The Gordon Logan story

  • Historic Notes -- Scott Newton
    • The origins of Civil Assistance?
    • The heath government and war in Africa?

  • Print
    • Princess Diana: the Hidden Evidence. How MI6 and the CIA were involved in the death of Princess Diana by Jon King and John Beverage, reviewed by Terry Hanstock
    • Secret Underground Cities: an account of some of Britain's subterranean defence, factor and storage sites in the Second World War by N. J. McCamley, reviewed by Anthony Frewin
    • Secret Nucklear Bunkers: the passive defence of the western world during the Cold War by N. J. McCamley, reviewed by Anthony Frewin
    • The Politics of Apolitical Culture: The Congress for Cultural Freedom, the CIA and post-war American Hegemony by Giles Scott-Smith, reviewed by Tom Easton
    • The European Union: a critical guide by Steven P. McGiffen, reviewed by Tom Easton
    • Branson by Tom Bower, reviewed by Simon Matthews
    • The American Papers: India, Pakistan & Bangladesh Documents 1965 - 1973 Edited by Roedad Khan, reviewed by Faisal A. Qureshi
    • Them: Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson
    • Acid: The new Secret History of LSD by David Black
    • The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra insider by Al Martin
    • West-Bloc Dissident: A Cold War Memoir by William Blum
    • Public Servant, Secret Agent: The Elusive Life and Violent Death of Airey Neave by Pual Routledge
    • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Recollections of an errant politician by John Nott
    • Market Killing: What the free market does and what social scientists can do about it by Greg Philo and David Miller
    • Cloak and Dollar: A history of American Secret Intelligence by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
    • Know Your Enemy: How the Joint Intelligence Committee saw the world by Percy Cradock
    • The Best Democracy money can buy by Greg Palast
    • UFOs by Neil Nixon
    • The Rich at Play: Foxhunting, landownership and the 'Countryside Alliance' by Revolutions Per Minute Number 9

  • Sources
    • Al Yamamah
    • MKUlta
    • Mind Control Forum
    • Peter Dale Scott
    • The Cold War International History Project
    • Institutions of global capital
    • Neil Hamilton versus the Guardian
    • INK
    • Enron
    • Deplete Uranium
    • Flatland
    • Red Star Research
    • AK Press

  • Feedback
    • From Andrew Shilcock on George Speight
    • From Edward Herman on the review by Russell Kick of the book Are you Being Lied to by Phil Edwards (with a reply from Russ Kick)

52 pages.

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