Right-wing Terrorists and the Extraparliamentary Left in Post-World War 2 Europe: Collusion or Manipulation?

Lobster Issue 18 (1989) £££

[…] ‘covered’ by the PIDE/DGS and purportedly (93) linked to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the West German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) (94), the Spanish Direccion General de Seguridad (DGS), the Greek Kentrike Yperesia Plirophorion (KYP or Central Intelligence Service), and the South African Bureau of State Security (BOSS) (95): a unit that specialized in recruiting […]

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The Ultranationalist Right in Turkey and the Attempted Assassination of Pope John Paul II

Lobster Issue 19 (1990) £££

[…] founders – CIA defector Philip Agee – and some of its editors have apparently exchanged information with the Cuban intelligence agency, the Direccion General de Seguridad ( DGS), and should therefore be viewed with great suspicion in my view, many of the authors who regularly write articles for the magazine are very fine investigative […]

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MI5 speaks to the nation!

Lobster Issue 79 (Summer 2020) FREE

[PDF file]: […] General (DG) of MI5. As a valedictory gesture to him, let’s examine his career – using the public details available on the MI5 website. Of all MI5 DGs that have ever held that position, he has been the slowest to progress through the ranks to the top. When he was promoted from Deputy DG […]

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