[…] to prevent even modest journalistic inquiry and disclosure. At the time of the awards Marr was using his Sunday morning BBC show to press LibDem leader Nick Clegg for details of his private life. The other award given to Marr by the Broadcasting Press Guild in April was in recognition of his powers of […]

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Brands and Britannia: Some aspects of national image and identity

[…] no national interest in promoting London’s Heathrow as a gateway to Britain. See Private Eye 27 September 2007. It is possible the intelligence reform highlighted by Nick Clegg MP has been stood down. He was quoted in The Times 11 September 2007 with a plan ‘which would mean a combined anti-terrorism intelligence force, answerable […]

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The view from the bridge

[…] the secret state only used its techniques against the radical left, take heart! The Evening Standard Diary 13 June 2001 reported that the diaries of Private Lee Clegg, convicted for the murder of two joy riders in Northern Ireland, and a minor cause célèbre for the right and the British Army, disappeared in the […]

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‘Nobody told us we could do this’

[PDF file]: […] winner’ and Murdoch, who likes to be on the winning side, therefore switched support to Cameron. innuendo.6 It led in due course to the emergence of Nick Clegg who conformed to the contemporary UK template for the leaders of political parties: boyish good looks, an automatic default to free market policies and a generally […]

The view from the bridge

[PDF file]: […] A gap had opened between what the Liberal-Democrats were saying in their election campaign and its literature and what their leader was thinking. ‘Even during the election, Clegg had been moving on the issue – but without telling the electorate. He later told the BBC that he had changed his view during the general […]

Brexit: an accident waiting to happen

[PDF file]: […] T he position of those regretting recent developments in the UK is a mixture of public hand-wringing and private, desperate, sotto voce soundings-out of possible allies. Nick Clegg makes vague statements about wanting a Government of National Unity. But Clegg, who did a deal with the Conservatives in which very little was put in […]

The view from the bridge

[PDF file]: […] the commentators has struck me. A week or so after I wrote in the paragraph above, ‘But no mainstream British politician will argue for raising taxes’, Nick Clegg and Vince Cable of Liberal Democrats did just that. Cable went so far as to actually spell out the truth: ‘The truth is more taxes will […]

All In It Together: England in the early 21st Century by Alwyn Turner

[PDF file]: […] across a decade and a half; and the parallel reversal of fortune for those ‘plausible young men’ who rose to the top of that society – Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, David Miliband and the primus inter plausibiles, Tony Blair. ‘This was very much the modern trend: educated, metropolitan, 1 middle-class young men […]

Gordon Brown: in the country of the blind…

[PDF file]: […] instance, that even if Brown had been re-elected in 2010 he would have pursued a programme of budget cuts not dissimilar to those adopted by Cameron and Clegg, but would have spread them out over a 49 Winter 2010 longer period of time. In this scenario what does the Labour Party stand for?24 Politics […]

Dangerous Hero, and, Boris Johnson

[PDF file]: […] poor! Under David Cameron, Brown’s ‘socialism’ was all rolled back. Bower is insistent that the Austerity regime initiated under Cameron has also been seriously misunderstood (poor Nick Clegg does not get so much as a mention). Under Austerity, ‘the beneficiaries . . . were the poor’ with George Osborne’s cuts targeting ‘the work-shy’. Indeed, […]

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