Reviews of Lobster journal

  • … distinctive in its depth of coverage, its detailed documentation, and in the absence of the rhetoric of the radical left so prevalent in its brother publications ..”
    — Hayden B. Peake, The Reader’s Guide to Intelligence Periodicals (1992), pages 86-89
  • “It was a reference at the end of an article in an issue of Lobster that led to the founding of the activist librarians’ group Information for Social Change”
    — Chris Atton, “Alternative literature: a practical guide for librarians” (1996), page 138
  • “This publication is based on solid research and while much of it might leave you feeling paranoid, that is simply an unfortunate by-product of uncovering the truth in the murky world of dirty tricks.”
    — Direct Action, Issue #16 Autumn 2000, page 30
  • “a good read .. All very revealing and worth it, just for the pub talk”
    — Direct Action Issue #19 Summer 2001, page 29
  • “… their articles always well-referenced, the researchers ensure that the thesis they are developing is documented at every stage (nowhere is the art of the footnote better practised or more finely wrought than in the pages of Lobster).
    — Chris Alton, Information and Social Change, No. 2, Autumn 1995, page 10.
  • “Lobster’s strength, as I see it, is its level-headedness, its measured judgement .. an invaluable resource, and deserves to be widely read and much studied”
    — Green Anarchist, issue 63, Summer 2001, page 21
  • “It feels very amateur, but in the best sense of the word: human, passionate and honest—qualities often lost in the polished professionalism of other publications.”
    — Red Pepper magazine, #85, July 2001, page 14
  • “And with so much mush and pap dominating the airwaves, Lobster is a welcome antidote to the tidal waves of hype, spin and bullshit emanating from Westminster and the White House”
    — Graeme Bowman, “Shock Lobster”, Sunday Herald, 17 August 2003, page 7
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