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Lobster Issue 41 Summer 2001

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Date:Summer 2001
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Did the CIA sink a ship-load of buses in the Thames? - Andrew Rosthorn

  • The Malcolm Kennedy Case - update - Jane Affleck
    • Background
    • Recent developments: attempts to obtain personal data from GCHQ, MI5 and the Metropolitan Police
    • MI5
    • Metropolitan Police
    • Appeal against exemption certificates
    • Kennedy's complaints must go before Investigatory Powers Tribunal
    • Limitations of the ICT (Interception of Communications Tribunal)
    • Investigatory Powers Tribunal -- an amalgamation with broad remit

  • RIP The Fourth Decade and Probe - Alex Cox

  • The Real Gemstone File - Martin Cannon
    • Introduction
    • Bruce Roberts vs MMORDIS

  • Political Perspectives on the Fall of Polly Peck -- John Burnes
    • Share-ramping?
    • The Politicisation of Polly Peck
    • Enter the Americans
    • In the Beginning
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Target Hesteltine

  • Spies and Children -- Corinne Souza

  • A political journey -- Tim Pendry

  • Historical Notes -- Scott Newton
    • De Coucy, Plicher and Hess
    • The 1949 sterling crisis: A CIA connection

  • Spooks -- Robin Ramsay
    • Gevas and Special Branch
    • The amazing Mr Logan (MI6 and the murder of Georgi Markov and Robert Maxwell)
    • MI5 Miscellany
      • Shayler backs Peter Wright
      • The Right Stuff
      • Twitchers or traitors?
      • Moscow Gold
      • Huh?
      • Is that FRU as in frug?
      • Lockerbie side bar

  • View from the Bridge -- Robin Ramsay
    • Mandy's place in things (Peter Mandelson and Bilderberg Conference
    • What a Coincidence (Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission)
    • Things reptilian (David Icke, Illuminati)
    • Book lovers? (Gordon Winter's Inside Boss; Peter Dale Scott's The War Conspiracy)
    • Like a circle that you find... (Jonathon Aitkin, Lord Cranbourne, Pinay Circle)
    • LM = loads of money (Living Marxism)
    • How the City operates (Lord Spens; Guinness share-ramp scheme)
    • Why was Britain not in Vietnam?
    • The best money can buy
    • Cock-up and conspiracy (Kennedys, Nicaragua and Cuba)
    • OK bomb (Oklahoma bombing and Timothy McVeigh)
    • Who are the questioners? (House of Commons)

  • Getting it right: the security agencies in modern society -- Robin Ramsay
    • Denounced by a former IRD head
    • Running Soviet themes?
    • Taking the piss
    • Why are our politicians so passive?
    • Kinnock and his team flunked it
    • Telling lies in the Torygraph

  • Was the 1974 oil price hike engineered by the Bilderberg group? -- Robin Ramsay

  • Jim Houganıs Watergate theory tested in court -- Jim Hougan

  • Books Reviewed
    • Feminine Fascism: Women in Britainıs Fascist Movement 1923-45 -- Julie Gottlieb
    • The Viceroyıs Daughters -- Anne de Courcy
    • Blackshirts-on-Sea -- J. S. Booker
    • The War Against Oblivion: the Zapatista Chronicles -- John Ross
    • The Big Breach -- Richard Tomlinson
    • Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? -- Barry Chamish
    • Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness -- Jim Keith
    • A Steamshovel Web Reader -- ed. Kenn Thomas
    • The Excluded Middle Collection -- ed. Greg Bishop
    • The Third Secret: the CIA, Solidarity and the KGBıs plot to kill the Pope -- Nigel West
    • New Labourıs Foreign Policy -- eds. Richard Little and Mark Wickham-Jones
    • Trimble -- Henry McDonald
    • The Dublin and Monaghan Bombings -- Don Mullan
    • Blowback: the cost and consequences of American Empire -- Chalmers Johnson
    • Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism -- John Cooley
    • Snitch Culture: How the citizens are turned into the eyes and ears of the state -- Jim Redden
    • Earth Rising: the Revolution: Towards a Thousand Years of Peace -- Nick Begich and James Roderick
    • Hitlerıs Traitor: Martin Bormann and the defeat of the Reich -- Louis Kilzer
    • The Secret Gold Treaty: the truth behind World War II gold, Nazi plunder and elite plans to control our financial future -- David Guyatt
    • Managing the World Economy -- John Mills

48 pages.

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