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Tue 24 May 2022

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Lobster Issue 35: Summer 1998

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Date:Summer 1998
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • The two Indonesias and the two Americas by Peter Dale Scott
    • Psywar, East Timor, Congress and those who defend atrocities
    • US Psywar, Indonesia, and East Timor
    • The Soviet 'Woodpecker' Signal
    • Again in the Philippines
    • 'Benevolent and human actions...'

  • The 1993 Coup in Iran: An Iranian insider's view
    Extracts from the memoirs of the late General Fardust on the Iranian Pahlavi.
    • The first attempt
    • The Shah landed in Baghdad
    • On a yacht the MI6 station chief told me...
    • Second attempt

  • http://www.libertas.demon.co.uk
    The Website of Harold Smith (Subject of cover story, Lobster 20)

  • Operation Black Dog by David Guyatt
    • Black Dog
    • Search Team deployed
    • The Countess and the Lord meet the MOD

  • An Unbiased Watch? the police and fascist/anti-fascist street conflict in Britain, 1945-1951 by Dave Renton
    • The post-war fascist revival in Britain
    • The Union Movement
    • The opposition forms
    • The government's response
    • The Police side with the fascists
    • Arrests April-October 1947
    • Keeping fascist meetings open...
    • 'too much frivolity in politics and trade unionism'
    • Why police collusion?

  • Did Churchill reveal the pending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to Roosevelt two weeks before it happened
    • The transcript of the German intercept of the Churchill call to FDR on 26 November 1941
    • The German transcript
    • Andrew Rosthorn comments

  • The View from the Bridge
    • A stranger harvest
    • Common Causes
    • Match me, Sydney!
    • Train of Destiny
    • Who shot Larry Flynt?
    • Insider view
    • Hepple/Matthews update
    • Nice one, John
    • A sheltered life

  • The Oyston Affair continues: D909 and the friends of Margaret Thatcher by Andrew Rosthorn
    • PII
    • An action for damages
    • A test case?

  • Obituaries
    • Ace Hayes (1940-1998) by Daniel Brandt
    • Major-General Richard Clutterbuck; David Floyd; Brigadier Michael Harbottle; Sir John Jones; General Sir Frank King; Dr Denis Leigh; Charles Levison; Donald McCormick; James Earl Ray; B. A. Santamaria; Frank Steele; C. Gordon Tether; George Urban

  • Steady as she goes: Labour and the Spooks
    • Patriots not sneaks
    • Robin Cook's dilemma
    • The Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee
    • Way off-message
    • Why did MI5 have it in for Victorian Brittain?

  • The Bilderberg Press Release

  • Echalon

  • Book Reviews
    • Acid: the secret history of LSD by David Black (1998)
      • The extraordinary Mr Stark
      • Friends, Frendz, the IRA, Howard Marks and...
      • On the other hand...
      • ...MK-Ultra
      • Tripping with Laing, man
    • The Age of Insecurity by Larry Elliot and Dan Atkinson (1998)
    • The Great Deception Anglo-American Power and World Order by Mark Curtis (1996)
    • Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies and the CIA in Central America by Peter Dale Scott and Jonathon Marshall (1998)
    • Assassination Science. Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK, Edited by James H. Fetzer
    • Hidden Agenda by John Pilger (1998)
    • America and the British Labour Party: The Special Relationship at Work by Peter Jones (1997)
    • A Friendship of Convenience by Rufus Gunn (1997)
    • The Black Sun - Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection by Peter Moon

  • Sources
    • Notes from the Borderland a new journal (2.50 from Larry O'Hara BM Box 4769, London WC1N 3XX)
    • The Secret Team by Fletcher Prouty, 3rd edition on the Web at http://www.ratical.com)
    • The Konformist, parapolitcal/conspiratorial email newsletter by Robert Sterling (See http://www.konformist.com)
    • Prevailing Winds (See also http://www.prevailingwinds.org)
    • Spectre, new left-wing, European-wide magazine (2 from BP5, Bx1 46, rue Wiertz, 1047, Belgium).
    • Resonance by Judy Wall, the newsletter of the Bio-electromagnetics Special Interest Group ($5 from Judy Wall, 648 C.R. 535, Sumterville, FL 33585. USA)
    • Labour and the CIA, in the American Journal Labor History vol.39 No.1.
    • Unclassified American magazine devoted to the US intelligence services (ceased publication)
    • JFK sources
    • Trouble at CAQ mill, Covert Action Quarterly, owner dismisses the Editor (Terry Allen, email: [email protected]) and two staff.

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