Marketing the Third Reich: Persuasion, Packaging and Propaganda by Nicholas O’Shaughnessy

Lobster Issue 75 (Summer 2018) FREE

[PDF file]: […] disdain, as Hitler made clear in Mein Kampf: ‘We must avoid excessive intellectual demands on our public. The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and […]

White House Call Girl: The Real Watergate Story by Phil Stanford

Lobster Issue 68 (Winter 2014) FREE

[PDF file]: […] political sleaze in America’s capital, as well as being an exemplar of Peter Dale Scott’s original conception of parapolitics as being the ‘dark quadrant where CIA, private intelligence operations and Mafia operations overlap.’ They’re all here, but centrally it isn’t actually certain who was running the honey trap. If this isn’t ‘the real Watergate […]

The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War by Craig Whitlock

Lobster Issue 82 (Winter 2021) FREE

[PDF file]: […] coup to seize power for himself. He ‘did little to hide his involvement in drug trafficking’ and, according to an interview with Col. Russell Thaden, the NATO intelligence chief, on one occasion he ‘blew his stack upon learning U.S. and British forces had jointly bombed a large drug lab in northern Afghanistan’. He calmed […]

Chemtrails: the proof and the purpose

Lobster Issue 64 (Winter 2012) FREE

[PDF file]: Chemtrails: the proof and the purpose T. J. Coles In 1996 people across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, began noticing unmarked aeroplanes operating over their towns. The aeroplanes laid long, thick, persistent trails across the sky. These came to be known as chemtrails (chemical trails). As the operations intensified, NASA, aviation authorities, and military […]

Well, how did we get here?

Lobster Issue 60 (Winter 2010) FREE

[PDF file]: […] the British state clung to the pretensions of world power status, with all that entailed by way of overseas capital investment and expenditure on diplomatic, military and intelligence activities. The ‘bias’ in favour of the overseas lobby detected by Strange wasn’t so much hidden as so taken for granted as to be invisible. In […]

Collapse of stout party: Eden, Suez and America

Lobster Issue 74 (Winter 2017) FREE

[PDF file]: […] there been others? The general election of 1970 that resulted in a surprise Wilson defeat inevitably comes to mind. The US – and many within the UK’s intelligence and military – wanted Wilson out in 1970. The election that year was characterised by an extensive campaign targeting marginal seats, run by Ronan O’Rahilly, from […]

An accidental tourist? A British connection to the death of Otto Warmbier

Lobster Issue 74 (Winter 2017) FREE

[PDF file]: […] 2001). Tomlinson’s book also gives details regarding ‘the increment’, how it is drawn from the most experienced Special Forces personnel and how a specific week of MI6’s Intelligence Officer’s New Entry Course ‘is dedicated to familiarisation with the increment’. 14 See or . His Linked-in profile at shows that he is now running his […]

Eliot Higgins and the Ukrainian hoax, redux

Lobster Issue 84 (Winter 2022) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] CNN report is permanently available at . 12 For what it’s worth, there are intriguing hints that Ms Kutyakova may have come into contact with local US intelligence officers before the Russian invasion. On 20 January 2022, she presented a video made by known CIA front USAID, promoting entrepreneurialism among Eastern Ukrainians. See (video […]

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