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Fri 28 Jan 2022

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Lobster Issue 37: Summer 1999

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Date:Summer 1999
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Jonestown. The secret life of Jim Jones: a parapolitical figure by Jim Hougan
    • Introduction
    • Ryan and the numbers
    • The cause and manner of death
    • The NOIWON alert
    • Richard Dwyer
    • Dr. Sukhdeo and Dr Hersch
    • The dogs that didn't bark
    • Jones and Mitrione in Richmond
    • Jones in the 1950s
    • Jones and Father Divine
    • Jones goes to Cuba
    • Jim Jones, his passport and the CIA
    • Jones in South America
    • Belo Horizonte
    • Jones in Rio
    • Invesco
    • And the train robbers...
    • Langley-Porter Neuropsychiatric Instritute

  • JFK. The two Oswalds by Anthony Frewin
    • A message from Moscow by Alex Cox
      • Review of "One Hell of a Gamble: Kruschev, Castro and Kennedy" by Alexandra Fursenko and Timothy Naftali. Publ. 1997.

    • The big switch?

  • War Stories. RAF colluded in Hess flight by Andrew Rosthorn
    • A very big RAF secret
    • Sanitisation
    • Enter Hauptman Horn
    • The doppelganger
    • A Luftwaffe

  • Peace plotting. Patriotism Perverted Captain Ramsay, the Right Club and British anti-semitism 1939/1940 by Richard Griffiths, reviewed by Simon Matthews.
    • The singular Mr Stokes

  • The Churchill myth. Churchill and the Secret Service by David Stafford. Publ. 1998. Reviewed by John Newsinger.
    • The Bolshevik menace
    • 'Flirting with treason'

  • The View from the Bridge
    • Alien baloney (ref: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Crete/9923/MJ12.html)
    • What Jack told Marilyn?
    • The return of Jeff Bale
    • Spotlight on Girard
    • The world is full of nutters
    • Who's scrubbing old Brillo pad?
    • Tom Spencer, MEP, RIP
    • Storming teacups!
    • IRD is dead! Long live IRD
    • A familiar ring?
    • More searchlight ties

  • Official: CIA does mean 'Cocaine Importing Agency' after all
    • The Gringo doctrine
    • Another cunning Commie plot

  • Electronic Privacy and the Encryption Debate by Jane Affleck.
    Attempts by intelligence and law enforcement to control new technologies.
    • Intelligence/law enforcement concerns
    • UK policy on crypto
    • Privacy
    • Recent developments
    • The Internet

  • New Labour Notes
    • John Smith: Old Labour's lost leader?
    • BAP (British-American Project)
    • Robin Cook at the Foreign Office
    • Shayler
    • Zinoviev
    • Sierra Leone

  • KAL 007: 16 Years Later by Robert W. Allardyce
    (Details on the author's book on this subject at http://www.vgernet.net/roberta)

  • Spooks
    • Hollis again
    • New theats? New eats?
    • Don't shoot, I'm a journalist
    • Tomlinsonia 2

  • Book reviews
    • Britain's Secret Propaganda War by Paul Lashmar and James Oliver.
    • Spy Flights of the Cold War by Paul Lashmar. Publ. 1996.
    • This Blessed Plot: Britain and Europe from Churchill to Blair, by Hugo Young. Publ. 1998
    • The Irish War: The Military History of a Domestic Conflict, by Toby Geraghty. Publ. 1998. Reviewed by John Newsinger.
    • Mind Controllers by Armen Victorian. Publ. 1999.
    • Last Talons of the Eagle Secret Nazi Technology which could have changed the course of WWII, by Gary Hyland and Anton Gill. Publ. 1998. Reviewed by Simon Matthews.
    • Flying Saucers over Los Angeles. The UFO craze of the 1950s, by Dwayne B. Johnson and Kenn Thomas. Publ. 1998.
    • Flying Saucers over America, Steamshovel Supplement to Flying Saucers over Los Angeles. Publ. 1998.
    • Philby: The Hidden Years, by Morris Riley. Publ. 1999.
    • Cowboys into Gentlemen: Rhodes Scholars, Oxford, and the Creation of an American Elite, by Thomas J. and Kathleen Schaeper. Publ. 1998.
    • Looking for Trouble. The Life and Times of a Foreign Correspondent, by Richard Beeston. Publ. 1997.
    • Fascism: Theory and Practice, by Dave Renton. Publ. 1999.
    • The Rape of Socialism, by Donovan Pedelty. Reviewed by Raymond Challinor.

  • Sources
    • Roundtable
    • Meet the new boss... same as the old boss (ref: Free Life Commentary http://freespace.virgin.net/old.whig/flc028.htm)
    • CIA officers (with SIS officers) infiltrated United Nations inspectors search Iraq (ref: http://www.fair.org)
    • Ace Hayes of the Portland Free Space is seeking funds to create a Memorial Research Centre
    • Flatland No 16 (Ref: http://www.flatlandbooks.com)
      • Bombing of Earth's First Judi Bari
      • Kenn Thomas' attempts to get Timothy Leary's FBI files via the FOIA
      • Disinformation operation by South African intelligence (FAPLA)
      • A memoir of radical politics in the mid-West of the 1930s
      • Interview with Flatland editor Jim Martin

  • Feedback
    • From Mark Hollingworth on David Shayler
    • From Mick Jones on Ruth Fischer (aka Elfriede Eisler)
    • From Scott Newton on Keynes.

50 pages.

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