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Lobster Issue 27: 1994

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Date:Jun 1994
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Mrs Thatcher, North Sea oil and the hegemony of the City by Robin Ramsay
    • Mr Heath gets it wrong
    • The politics of inflation
    • Year Zero
    • The first Thatcher government
    • The City's agenda
    • What did she know?
    • Thatcher versus the Treasury and the Old Lady
    • The thing about theories is...
    • One more push for MBC
    • The end of monetarism?
    • The City versus industry
    • Singing the City's song
    • Helping the domestic economy - by investing abroad!
    • Oil - the excuse
    • The theory follows the money
    • The big rip-off
    • But is this what she intended?
    • And so Maggie flunked it

  • The Searchlight sage continued
    • Yes, it's the Revolutionary Conservatives..

  • Lockerbie, the octopus and the Maltese double cross by Peter Smith
    • Bush tells Thatcher to cool it
    • The Jibril plot in Germany
    • The Maltese connection
    • The Libyan connection
    • Syria and the oil war in the Gulf
    • The octopus surfaces
    • Destination Detroit
    • Nazzie the mule
    • The Maltese Double Cross

  • James Rusbridger

  • The Illuminati are coming

  • The Department of Energy's Guinea Pigs: a preliminary report by Armen Victorian
    • They used hospital patients
    • The used pregnant women
    • Radiological munitions
    • They used school children
    • They used entire communities
    • They used prisoners...
    • ...and veterans
    • And did they do some of it in Britain?

  • ELF, microwaves, etc update
    • The Verney case (Y Cyfamodawr)
    • John Alexander loses his cool

  • The Enemy Within (Whitehall)
    • The Great Polish Arms Find Caper
    • The Great INLA Bombing Conspiracy Caper
    • Agents provocateurs a go-go

  • The Strange Case of Patrick Daly, MI5 agent by Don Bateman
    • Peter Jordan
    • The Peter Jordan conspiracy case
    • A blast from the past
    • Danny Ryan
    • Pat Daly

  • Clinton's Rhodies

  • Gordiefsky and his amanuensis
    Instructions From The Centre: Top Secret Files on KGB Operations 1975-85, Christopher Andrews and Oleg Gordiefsky (1993)

  • A Cavendish miscellany

  • Fred Holroyd in America

  • Colin Wallace

  • Don't shoot, I'm a journalist

  • The 'Wilson plots' and related parapolitics
    • Philip Zeigler, Wilson: The Authorised Life of Lord Wilson of Rievaulx
    • The House of Lords debate on the Intelligence Services Bill, 9 December, 1993

  • Rinka RIP

  • Ken Roberts died

  • Enemies of Democracy?

  • Foreign Office wallahs

  • The murder of Hilda Murrel: ten years on
    • Introduction
    • A hatchet job by Nick Davies
    • The Don Arnott Connection

  • Apostasy!

  • Famous junkies in history, part 1

  • More JFK Assassination books by Anthony Frewin
    • Gerald Posner: Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK (1993)
    • Michael Benson: Who's Who in the JFK Assassination: An A-Z Encyclopedia (1993)
    • Gaeton Fonzi: The Last Investigation (1993)
    • Robert Groden: The Killing of a President: the Complete Photographic Record of the JFK Assassination, the Conspiracy, and the Cover-up (1993)
    • J.W. Hughes: Square Peg for a Round Hole (1993)
    • Connie Watson Kritzberg and Sherley Martin Lester: For the Defense: Case Againt Case Closed (1993)
    • Robert D. Morrow: First Hand Knowledge: How I Participated in the CIA-Mafia Murder of President Kennedy (1992)
    • Harrison Edward Livingstone: Killing the Truth: Deceit and Deception in the JFK Case (1993)
    • Vincent Michael Palamara: The Third Alternative - Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and the JFK Murder (1993)
    • Craig Roberts: Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza (1994)
    • Gary Savage: JFK First Day Evidence: Stored away for 30 years in an old briefcase, new evidence is now revealed by former Dallas Police Crime Lab Detective (1993)
    • Peter Dale Scott: Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1993)
    • Richard B. Trask: Pictures of the Pain: Photography and the Assassination of President Kennedy (1994)
    • Cyril Wecht (with Mark Curriden and Benjamin Wecht): Cause of Death (1993)
    • Harold Weisberg: Case Open: The Unanswered JFK Assassination Questions (1994)
    • Probe, newsletter of the Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination

  • Books
    • The Man Who Knew Too Much by Dick Russell (1992)
    • The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi (1993)
    • Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by Peter Dale Scott
    • Directory of British Political Organisations by Paul Mercer (1994)
    • Policing Politics: Security Intelligence and the Liberal Democratic State by Peter Gill
    • The New Spies: Exploring the Frontiers of Espionage by James Adams

  • Another spook joke

  • Sources:
    • Official openings (Top Secret: An Interim Guide to Recent Releases of Intelligence Records at the Public Records Office by Louise Atherton)
    • Public Records Office new openings
    • Steamshovel Press Number 10
    • Nexus
    • Cold War History (Cold War International History Project)
    • Prevailing Winds Research
    • Dallas 63, the British forum for views and research into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
    • Statewatching the new Europe, a handbook on the European state
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