Anthony Frewin

#Issue number (date): Article title
#26 (1993):
Like books we should have so many witnesses?: Some recent JFK literature
#27 (1994):
More JFK Assassination books
#28 (December 1994):
22 November 1963 on CD-ROM
#29 (1995):
#30 (December 1995):
JFK, the FBI and the Cambridge phone call
#31 (June 1996):
Recent JFK (and related) literature
#43 (Summer 2002):
Secret Underground Cities, and, Secret Nuclear Bunkers
#44 (Winter 2002/3):
#46 (Winter 2003):
Conspiracy Culture: From the Kennedy Assassination to The X-Files
#49 (Summer 2005):
London's Secret Tubes: London's Wartime Citadels, Subways and Shelters Uncovered
#50 (Winter 2005/6):
Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission failed the nation and why
#55 (Summer 2008):
Everything’s gone off the rails except the ideology!
#55 (Summer 2008):
Let us now praise famous researchers
#57 (Summer 2009):
Lobster goes to the movies!
#59 (Summer 2010):
The Dr Strangeloves of the Mind
#59 (Summer 2010):
Our Fight for Democracy: A History of Democracy in the United Kingdom by John Strafford
#59 (Summer 2010):
A Radical History of Britain by Edward Vallance
#59 (Summer 2010):
Also noticed
#62 (Winter 2011):
Murder in Notting Hill by Mark Olden
#63 (Summer 2012):
Underground Structures of the Cold War: The World Below by Paul Ozorak
#64 (Winter 2012):
From an Office Building with a High-powered Rifle by Don Adams
#68 (Winter 2014):
A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination by Philip Shenon
#70 (Winter 2015):
Inside Lee Harvey Oswald’s address book
#70 (Winter 2015):
Secret Science: A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments by Ulf Schmidt
#70 (Winter 2015):
The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination by Lamar Waldron
#70 (Winter 2015):
The Oswald Code by Alan Jules Weberman
#71 (Summer 2016):
General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy by Jeffrey H. Caufield, MD.
#72 (Winter 2016):
A Very English Scandal: Sex, Lies and a Murder Plot at the Heart of the Establishment by John Preston
#77 (Summer 2019):
Operation Chaos: The Vietnam Deserters Who Fought the CIA, the Brainwashers, and Themselves by Matthew Sweet
#78 (Winter 2019):
England’s forgotten uprising
#78 (Winter 2019):
Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination by Mal Hyman
#81 (Summer 2021):
The strange loves of Mariella
#81 (Summer 2021):
Last Second in Dallas, by Josiah Thompson
#81 (Summer 2021):
On the Trail of Delusion Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser by Fred Litwin
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