The assassination of Martin Luther King: the paper trail to Memphis

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[PDF file]: […] is five years before Dr King was murdered, and while President Kennedy and his brother Robert were still in office. October 15, 1963 On this date, FBI Intelligence Operations chief William C Sullivan disseminated a memo. In it, he announced the completion and imminent circulation of a dossier entitled ‘Communism and the Negro Movement […]

Estes, LBJ and Dallas

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[PDF file]: […] a third party buried in a book mixing fact with faction. But many of the witnesses in other versions of the story can be portrayed as unreliable: intelligence officers of one stripe or another, for example, or the anti-Castro Cubans, and assorted military and right-wing activists, all of whom have axes to grind. If […]


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[…] as though there has been some big shift; and in a sense there has been. I am no longer collecting every scrap of information about the British intelligence and security services in the way that I did once. Why not? A number of things have come together. Firstly, it no longer seems as important. […]

Misleading Parliament – Appendices

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[PDF file]: […] sure that Wallace had been unjustly treated was that I had talked to my friend, the late Sir Maurice Oldfield, Tony Cavendish, another senior member of the Intelligence Community was equally uncomfortable, as was Field Marshal Sir John Stanier. I knew them well, and wrote both their obituaries for the Independent. I heard you […]

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