The Clandestine Lives of Colonel David Smiley: Code Name ‘Grin’ by Clive Jones

Lobster Issue 85 (Summer 2023) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] the sabotaging of ships carrying Jewish refugees to Palestine,. Limpet mines were attached to vessels in Italian ports, disabling five of them and showing, as far as MI6 were concerned, ‘how clandestine operations could achieve results at relatively little cost’. (p. 216) After this, he was involved One reason for this interest in Smiley’s […]

Romeo Spy by John Alexander Symonds

Lobster Issue 63 (Summer 2012) FREE

[PDF file]: […] Mitrokhin’s files, or had it been added by Dr Andrew?’ (p. 313) Symonds does not tell the reader that Andrew’s sources could only have been MI5 or MI6: perhaps he thinks it too obvious to state. ‘Another bizarre assertion was that I had “made the dramatic claim that Denis Healey, the Secretary of State […]

The view from the bridge

Lobster Issue 72 (Winter 2016) FREE

[PDF file]: […] question and no-one on the committee asks him what he means. And no wonder he evaded it: for it was the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) that MI6 (SIS) had been dickering with since the 1990s and which was the subject of some of the most disgusting real politik in which the British state […]

States of Emergency: Keeping the global population in check by Kees van der Pijl

Lobster Issue 84 (Winter 2022) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] had people who were obviously simply conduits for MI5 and 6. I used to buy the Sunday Telegraph in the late 1980s precisely because it was the MI6 outlet competing with the Sunday Times, edited by Andrew Neil, which had the MI5 franchise. This media spookspotting is one of the recurring themes of the […]

MI5 speaks to the nation!

Lobster Issue 79 (Summer 2020) FREE

[PDF file]: MI5 speaks to the nation! Nick Must ‘How MI5 is adapting to fight coronavirus’1 was the headline on a BBC news online piece by Gordon Corera. In relation to that potential change in working practices, it quoted soon-to-depart MI5 chief, Sir Andrew Parker, thus: ‘You’ll understand if I don’t go into exactly the ways in […]

The Shadow Man: At the Heart of the Cambridge Spy Circle by Geoff Andrews

Lobster Issue 72 (Winter 2016) FREE

[PDF file]: […] and was having him tailed. Nothing came of this surveillance however. According to Andrews, it is most likely that ‘Kim Philby, by now head of counter-espionage at MI6…. acted to protect him’. Klugmann remained in fear of exposure as a onetime NKVD agent with the attendant risk of trial, conviction and imprisonment. Klugmann had […]

The View from the Bridge

Lobster Issue 64 (Winter 2012) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] lobby encouraged war with Japan with increasingly impossible diplomatic demands on Japan and then by suppressing intelligence about the pending attack on Pearl Harbour.5 It then allowed MI6 to assemble a 1000 strong force – British Security Co-ordination – in Washington and worked with it in 1940/41 in one the biggest covert operations ever […]

Do Not Disturb: The Story of a Political Murder and an African Regime Gone Bad by Michela Wrong

Lobster Issue 84 (Winter 2022) FREE

[PDF file]: […] to interest Western governments in this. Patrick Karegeya actually visited London (it was on this occasion that Wrong first met him) and handed ‘the recordings over to MI6, which circulated them around the Foreign Office and Department for International Development’. In the USA, the recordings were handed over to the FBI. As she points […]

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