Spandau blood

Lobster Issue 78 (Winter 2019) FREE

[PDF file]: […] for the very weird prisoner introduced as Rudolf Hess, at his insistence standing up and without pain killing injection. Later I had access to the full official Nazi party medical records for the real Rudolf Hess, going back to his gunshot wounds in WW1. They showed that he had lost his upper left molar […]

Brexit Revisited: Europe Didn’t Work, and, Brexit Unfolded

Lobster Issue 84 (Winter 2022) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] old schisms created by Henry VIII (Protestantism vs Catholicism), and the triumphalist religious right-wing forces in America (who escaped from Old Europe). This is dangerous territory, with Nazi echoes of Blood and Honour being deeply embedded in the culture. It is no coincidence that the EU was specifically designed to move away from such […]

The President and the Provocateur: The parallel lives of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald by Alex Cox

Lobster Issue 68 (Winter 2014) FREE

[PDF file]: […] feel like just another synthesis of the extant material. Cox’s narrative structure and his frequently unusual choices from the mountains of available data – the America neo- nazi and segregationist right get more attention than usual, for example – make it feel fresh. And because he is discussing events leading up to the shootings, […]

Historical notes on the four freedoms

Lobster Issue 88 (2024) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] in January 1941. Although the USA was not then a belligerent, Roosevelt was keen to help the struggle of British Commonwealth and Empire and Allied forces against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, notwithstanding the existence of pro-neutrality legislation which limited what his administration could do to help. Already, in 1940 the US had provided […]

GArrick Timmi text

Lobster Issue

Garrick Alder His name is Olaf Neitsch, and he was born on 18 November 1961, in the former East Germany (GDR).1 As an adult, he achieved his youthful ambition of serving as an officer in the communist regime’s secret police, the Stasi.2 Neitsch’s office defeated and silenced prominent local opponents of the GDR. The office’s […]

A tale of two Islingtons: How Blair opened the door for Corbyn

Lobster Issue 77 (Summer 2019) FREE

[PDF file]: […] BBC from 1970, he reported for and then produced Panorama. He hit his stride in 1981 with Blind Eye to Murder: Britain, America and the Purging of Nazi Germany, an account of how, post-1945, various German war criminals were allowed to remain in situ and even flourish with the connivance of the UK and […]

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