From the archives: Kim Besly, 1926-1996

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[PDF file]: […] 7 My guess about MKULTRA is that after the Senator Church hearings the funding shifted to countries with a more relaxed legal framework. The tricks, concern with drugs and hypnosis, continued, but there may have been a shift towards advanced electronics. For a classic statement of these types of projects see: Albert Biderman and […]

The Hawks of Peace: Notes of the Russian ambassador by Dmitry Rogozin

Lobster Issue 68 (Winter 2014) FREE

[PDF file]: […] claim that Russia is now a leader of Christianity against the decadence of Western social liberalism (hence the anti-PC stance of the current regime).1 ‘Promotion of illegal drugs and of alcoholism, degenerative art, prostitution, propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia, offences against religious and national feelings are those openly antinational and anti-social manifestations of the […]

The View from the Bridge

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[…] of the proposition that maybe the US had induced Chavez’s cancer. Much derision was pored on the idea. Of course it is possible, not using chemicals or drugs, which were discussed, but electromagnetic radiation (EMR). (Was anyone monitoring EMR around Chavez?) The US embassy in Moscow was irradiated in the 1960s by the Soviet […]

Pisces Moon: The Dark Arts of Empire by Douglas Valentine

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[PDF file]: […] CIA officers living there. They had been part of CIA ops in the region in the 1960s and 70s, and thus knew about CIA involvement in the drugs industry – the subject of the book Valentine was then researching.1 However the CIA interviews take up a very small portion of the book. They are […]


Lobster Issue 65 (Summer 2013) FREE

[PDF file]: […] then what was last year confirmed by the US authorities and more recently by the disgraced and now much-sued cyclist himself, namely that Armstrong was a regular drugs user who cheated his way to the seven Tour titles of which he has now been stripped. According to Walsh, now chief sports writer at The […]

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