Classified: Secrecy and the state in modern Britain by Christopher Moran

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[PDF file]: […] of the British state’s attempts to enforce its ‘everything official is secret’ legislation – run through the House of Commons before WW1 during a panic about German espionage – and its subsequent modifications. Before WW2, in practice the state was willing to clobber little people – e.g. the novelist Compton MacKenzie who revealed a […]

Historical Notes

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[PDF file]: […] French government in exile in London. It went on to serve the post-liberation government of France before it became the ‘Service de Documentation Exterieure et de Contre- Espionage’ (SDECE) in April 1946. 45 46 Email to the author from Andrew Rosthorn, 13 May 2023. 18 Indeed, according to Charpier, Guerber was at this time […]

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[…] Israel officials Lord Pickles and Lord Polak: ‘In any other country the conduct of Eric Pickles and Stuart Polak would in my view be seen as entrenched espionage that should prompt an inquiry into their conduct.’ (Alan Duncan, In The Thick of It p. 61) Pickles and Ed Balls are co-chairs of the UK […]

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