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Tue 24 May 2022

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Lobster Issue 32: December 1996

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Date:Dec 1996
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • The Bilderberg Group and the European Unification project by Mike Peters
    • Introduction
    • The Context
    • The Marshall Plan and NATO
    • Roots in the Council on Foreign Relations
    • The Bilderberg Group
    • Secrecy
    • What goes on at Bilderberg
    • Origins of Bilderberg
    • The European 'Community'
    • Monnet's network
    • Europe since the fifties
    • Theoretical Excursus
    • Silence of the Academics
    • Bibliography

  • Are raw prawns pink?
    Manning Clark a Soviet agent?

  • SAS: The Stiff memoir by John Newsinger
    • Watchguard International
    • Terrorism in Zambia
    • The attempt on Mugabe

  • Operation Julie revisited: The strange career of Ron Stark, parapolitical alchemist by David Black
    • The Brotherhood of Eternal Love
    • Stark in Britain
    • The BEL scatters
    • An Inspector Lee calls
    • First hints of the Welsh connection
    • Cue the spooks
    • The questions asked but not answered

  • From Parapolitics to Deep Politics by Mike Small
    • Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by Peter Dale Scott (1996)
      • The Establishment Left
      • 'Responsible' Elite and Public Opinion Management
      • Conspiracy Theory versus Deep Politics

  • Plot elements in the Colosio murder mystery by Alex Cox
    • 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996

  • The CIA and radiation experiments on humans by Armen Victorian
    • The CIA and the Interagency Group on Human Radiation Experiments
    • The CIA and human radiation experiments
    • The CIA and the US Army drug tests
    • The CIA, the Department of Defense and Atomic Energy Commission radiation experiements
    • Advisory Committee Witnesses

  • UFO's and the governments of the USA and UK by Armen Victorian
    • The men from the Ministry
    • How the Department of Defense treats UFOs
    • Unknowns

  • Is Libya still the prime suspect in the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher? by Peter Smith
    • Why would the Libyans do it?
    • Hints from Ministers
    • The demonisation of Gaddafi
    • 'The bullet was not fired from the embassy'
    • 'Preposterous trash'
    • 'Blood money' and the 'lost' civil servant
    • From Cold War to 'counter terrorism'

  • En passant
    • Nixon, Humphrey, Charles Wheeler
    • Mario Soares
    • Avrocar in Invention and Technology (USA Winter 1996)
    • Harold Wilson, Rhodesia
    • Brabant Killers story
    • International Freedom Fund

  • The state in politics, Wallace, Holroyd and Lobster by Robin Ramsay
    • MI5, the FBI and the Communist Parties of Britain and America
    • MI5 and the Labour Party
    • Ten years after
    • Northern exposure
    • Wilson Plots
    • It's good to gloat

  • The view from the bridge by Robin Ramsay
    • Who's kidding whom? (Sept Fortean Times 'The Henry X File')
    • Searchlight news
    • Clean aprons
    • Help the CIA celebrate its 50th anniversary! (What's News at CIA)
    • A parapolitical joke

  • Obituaries
    • Kim Besly
    • Anthony Verney

  • Books
    • Export or Die, Britain's Defence Trade with Iran and Iraq by Davina Miller (1996)
    • UK Eyes Alpha, the Inside Story of British Intelligence by Mark Urban (1996)
    • From Empire to Commonwealth, a Biography of Lionel Curtis by Deborah Lavin (1995)
    • We The Nation, The Conservative Party and the Pursuit of Power by A.J. Davies (1995)
    • I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels by Albert Meltzer (1996)
    • Orders to Kill, the Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King by William F. Pepper (1995)
    • NASA, Nazis and JFK, the Torbitt Document and the JFK Assassination. Introduction by Kenn Thomas, Foreword by David Hatcher Childress (1996)
    • Students and the Cold War by Joel Kotek (1996)
    • The Octopus Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro
    • Hugh Gaitskell by Brian Brivati
    • Secret Power, New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network by Nicky Hager (1996)
    • The Fortean Times Book of the Millenium by Kevin McClure (1996)

  • Other Sources
    • Researching the European State: a critical guide, Edited by Tony Bunyan
    • In Defence of The Party, The Secret State, The Conservative Party and dirty tricks by Collin Challen and Mike Hughes
    • Oliver's Work by Jim Arnison
    • Open Secrets, newsletter of the Coalition on Political Assassinations
    • The Cold War International History Project Bulletin
    • Unclassified, journal of the Association of National Security Alumni
    • Flatland
    • Mae Brussel collection
    • Squall
    • Peace and Society magazine of Trade Union CND

  • SUPPLEMENT: Web update by Jane Affleck
    • Politics and government
    • UK
    • Military/Secrecy
    • Papers, Journals and Magazines
    • Conspiracy
    • Organisations and Campaigns
    • Human rights and civil liberties
    • Miscellaneous

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