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Lobster Issue 29: June 1995

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Date:Jun 1995
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • The Persecution of Armen Victorian by Robin Ramsay

  • Britain's Role in Human Nuclear Experiments: what's been did and what's been hid by Armen Victorian.
    • British secrecy and...
    • ...American openness

  • The 1986 National Front Split, Part 1 by Larry O'Hara.
    • The field of battle is prepared
    • May madness
    • A political rout
    • The 'political soldiers' consolidate
    • The 'Flag' tendancy regroup
    • The long hot summer
    • The schism is finalised

  • Kennedy Miscellany. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's London File on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy Calendared & Glossed by Anthony Frewin.

  • Elders and Betters

  • Van the Man

  • US General Accounting Office Reports Compiled by Jane Affleck
    • Human Experimentation: an Overview of Cold War era programs
    • Health and Safety: status of federal efforts to disclose Cold War experiments involving humans
    • Nuclear Health and Safety: examples of post World War II radiation releases at US nuclear sites
    • Nuclear Health and Safety: safety and health oversight at DoE defense nuclear facilities
    • Nuclear Safety: international assistance efforts to make Soviet-designed reactors safer
    • Operation Desert Storm: questions remain on possible exposure to reproductive toxicants
    • Operation Desert Storm: Army not adequately prepared to deal with depleted uranium contamination
    • Chemical Warfare: solders inadequately equipped and trained to conduct operations
    • Chemical Weapons Destruction: advantages and disadvantages of alternatives to incineration
    • Chemical Weapons: stability of the US stockpile
    • Chemical Weapons Disposal: plans for non-stockpile chemical warfare can be improved
    • Arm Control: status of US-Russian agreements and the Chemical Weapons Convention
    • Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Safety: challenges facing the IAEA
    • IRAQ: US Military Items Exported or Transferred to Iraq in the 1980s.
    • Nuclear Non-Proliferation: export licensing procedures for dual-use items needs to be strengthened
    • Nuclear Non-Proliferation: licensing procedures for dual-use exports needs strengthening
    • Export Controls: actions need to improve enforcement
    • Electromagnetic fields: federal efforts to determine health effects are behind schedule
    • FBI: advanced communictions technologies pose wiretapping challenges
    • Electronic Surveillance: technologies continue to pose challenges
    • Communications Privacy: federal policy and actions
    • Arms Control: US and international efforts to ban biological weapons
    • Nuclear Waste: further improvements needed in the Hanford tank farm maintenance program
    • Nuclear Waste: foreign countries' approaches to high-level waste storage and disposal
    • Nuclear Weapons: safety, technical and manpower issues slow DoE's disassembly efforts
    • Nuclear Science: developing technology to reduce radioactive waste may take decades and be costly
    • Mission-critical systems: defense attempts to address major software challenges
    • Reproductive and Developmental Toxicants: regulatory actions provide uncertain protection
    • Inventory Management: hand-held missiles are vulnerable to theft and undetected losses

  • 'Conspiracy Theories' and Clandestine Politics by Jeffrey M. Bale
    • Classic conspiracy theory and...
    • Evil incarnate or?
    • Black holes
    • Real covert politics
    • The Protocols
    • No monolithic conspiracy
    • They do exist
    • The furtive fallacy

  • The View from the Bridge
    • Blob of the month
    • Searchlight News
    • Wilson Plots
    • Pergau
    • Red Action
    • RIP
      • Antoine Pinay
      • Lord Kagan
      • Oleg Lyalin
      • Peter Wright
    • Who killed WPC Yvonne Fletcher
    • The death of Penkofsky: a modern myth continues
    • Quigley again
    • Mind control news

  • Defector Politics: or, grooving with Mr G.
    • Crozier gets first bite
    • Pranks by MI5 and IRD
    • 'Nigel West' lends a hand
    • Not KGB, HMG!
    • A good man fallen among...

  • Ememies Within?
    The Enemy Within by Seamus Milne (1994)
    Enemy Within, The Rise and Fall of the British Communist Party by Francis Beckett (1995)
    • 1984/5
    • Look, no sources
    • Moscow gold
    • The Soviet Threat?
    • Close but no cigar?

  • Books:
    • Operation Mind Control by W. H. Bowart (1994)
    • Battling Wall Street: the Kennedy Presidency by Donald Gibson (1994)
    • Spymaster by Oleg Kalugin (1994)
    • The Perfect English Spy by Tom Bower
    • Fool's Gold, The Story of North Sea Oil by Christopher Harvie

  • Sources:
    • Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by the U.S. House of Representatives 1978
    • Prevailing Winds magazine
    • Surveillant, Acquisition and Commentary for Intelligence and Security Professional
    • Resonance, Newsletter of the Biolectromagnetics SIG
    • Beyond our Ken (Information for Social Change)
    • Lefty librarians (The Law)
    • Lefty Lawyers?
    • Keys of Peter
    • The CIA and British trade unions (Perspectives)
    • IRIS
    • Archives on Audio
    • An Oldie But a goodie (Covert Action Quarterly)
    • EXTRA!, magazine of FAIR
    • Intelligence Newsletter
    • Exposed! The Mackenzie Institute for the Study of Terrorism, Revolution and Propaganda (Watch the Right Pamphlet Number One)
    • EIR in WWF (Interface Ireland, and, Executive Intelligence Research)
    • Trippy squaddies
    • The same river twice (Intelligence and National Security)
    • Business as usual (S.O.A. Watch)
    • An insider's view (International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence)
    • Promises and Disappointments
34 Pages

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