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Lobster Issue 23: 1992

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Date:Jun 1992
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Mind Control and the American Government by Martin Cannon
    • A brief overview
    • Implants
    • A question of Timing
    • Remote hypnosis
    • That's Entrainment
    • Wave Your Brain Goodbye
    • Final thoughts on 'the wave'
    • Parting observations

  • A Conflict of Loyalties GCHQ 1984-1991 by Hugh Lannning and Richard Norton-Taylor

  • U.S Army Intelligence mind control experiments by Armen Victorian
    • Edgewood Tests
    • Field Tests
    • Operation THIRD CHANCE
    • Operation DERBY HAT

  • Heritage of Stone; JFK and JFK
    • Stephen Dorril
      • Mark Lane: Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? (1992)
      • Jim Marrs: Crossfire; the Plot that Killed Kennedy (1992)
      • David E. Scheim: The Mafia Killed President Kennedy (1992)
      • Anothony Summers: Conspiracy (1992)
    • Robin Ramsay
    • SNAFU in Dallas

  • Notes From the Underground, British Fascism 1974-92 by Larry O'Hara
    • 1974-75 - an opportunity foreclosed
    • 1975-77 - from exclusion to exile
    • 1978-79 - the downward spiral
    • 1979-83 - into the eye of the storm?

  • Public Record Office New Openings 1961

  • Shorts
    • Yorkshire Post: operation HORNBEAM
    • Statewatch Bulletin, The Gladio Paper
    • The Guardian, the International Association for Co-operation and Development in Southern Africa (ACODA)

  • STALKER, CONSPIRACY by Stephen Dorril
    • David Burton seeks a deal
    • Playing the Burton card
    • Stalker the real target
    • James Prior by-passed
    • The Scarborough meeting
    • No conspiracy?

  • Operation Splinter Factor update

  • Defending the Warren Commission: the line from Langley

  • Lobby Rules
    • Private and Confidential, Notes on the Practice of Lobby Journalism July, 1969
      • Lobby Practice
      • Individual Lobbying
      • Collective Lobbying
      • General Hints
      • Parliamentary Privilege

  • Blinded by the light by Larry O'Hara
    • Domestic elements or NATO?
    • 'Left-wing terrorists more like marionettes'
    • The Calogero theorem
    • A curious echo of McCarthyism

  • There's no smear like an old smear
    The Spycatcher's Encyclopedia of Espionage by Peter Wright (1991)

  • Curious Liaisons by Armen Victorian
    Alien Liaison by Timothy Good (1991)
    • What Bobby Ray Inman said
    • Shapiro says Oeschler a fraud
    • NASA and anti-gravity

  • Books
    • The CIA and the Marshall Plan by Sallie Pisani (UK 1992, US 1991)
    • Thatcher's People by John Ranelagh (1991)
    • England and the Aeroplane; An Essay on a Militant and Technological Nation by David Edgerton (1991)
    • Right Woos Left; Populist Party, LaRouchian and other neo-fascist overtures to Progressives; and why they must be rejected by Chip Berlet
    • The Coors Connection; How Coors Family Philanthropy Undermines Democratic Pluralism by Russ Bellant
    • The Campus Connection: Military Research on Campus by Rob Evans, Nicola Butler and Eddie Goncalves (1991)
    • North American Spies: New Revisionist Essays, edited by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones and Andrew Lownie (1992)
    • The Intelligence Game: Illusions and Delusions of International Espionage by James Rusbridger (1991)
    • Plausible Denial by Mark Lane.
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