The View from the Bridge

Lobster Issue

[…] for and it seems churlish not to mention them. I have Richard Griffiths, What did you do during the war? The last throes of the British pro- Nazi Right, 1940-45; Philip M Coupland, Farming, Fascism and Ecology: A life of Jorian Jenks; Colin Holmes, Searching for Lord Haw-Haw; and Nicholas O’Shaughnessy, Marketing the Third […]

The Secret War: Spies, Codes and Guerrillas, 1939-45 by Max Hastings

Lobster Issue 74 (Winter 2017) FREE

[PDF file]: […] Roosevelt were more openminded than Hitler and Stalin. Reinforcing this trope were the exploits of the brave ‘few’ in the Battle of Britain – ‘few’ against the Nazi ‘hordes’ – and the much bruited morale and good humour of the little English people in their slums – ‘never mind, dear, put on the kettle […]

The USA, China and a new Cold War?

Lobster Issue 80 (Winter 2020) FREE

[PDF file]: […] to lobby against any effort for detente with the Soviet Union. Its co-chairman, Yaroslav Stetsko, was a top leader of the fascist OUN-B militia that fought alongside Nazi Germany during its occupation of Ukraine. They helped found the World Anti-Communist League. See Ajit Singh and Max Blumenthal, note 17. 25 26 Singh and Blumenthal, […]

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