Lobster Issue

[…] Smith (Director-General of MI5) Cranley Onslow MP (former SIS officer) Ian Gow MP Charles Elwell (MI5) Mr Hanley (presumably Michael Hanley, some time Director-General of MI5) (Colonel) Maclean (probably ‘Billy’ Maclean7) Admiral Sir Ian Hogg Major Alexander Greenwood Mr Meyer, an American (probably Herb Meyer, CIA officer8) David Hart The threat Remember this is […]

South of the border

Lobster Issue 81 (Summer 2021) FREE

[PDF file]: […] the covert heroes of the Cold War, the people who had stolen the U.S. atomic secrets, who had worked with the Rosenbergs, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean. To the callow cadets they seemed majestic figures, beyond the reach of mere mortals . . . .’ 26 Washington Station is also peppered with expression […]

Secret History: Writing the Rise of Britain’s Intelligence Services by Simon Ball

Lobster Issue 80 (Winter 2020) FREE

[PDF file]: […] 173) As well as the history of histories, there is an interwoven narrative about the various services’ activities; so there is much about WW2 and Burgess and Maclean et al. Every now and then an interesting little snippet pops up. There’s this for example. SIS abandoned Passport Control Office as its cover for officers […]

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