MI5 speaks to the nation!

Lobster Issue 79 (Summer 2020) FREE

[PDF file]: […] as DG 1985; John Jones 26 years (1955/1981); Howard Smith, direct entry as DG 1978; Michael Hanley 24 years (1948/1972); Martin Furnival Jones 22 years (1941/1965); Roger Hollis 18 years (1938/1956); Dick White 17 years (1936/1953); Percy Silitoe, direct entry as DG 1946; David Petrie, direct entry as DG 1941; Oswald Harker 20 years […]

Farming, Fascism and Ecology: A Life of Jorian Jenks by Philip M. Coupland

Lobster Issue 75 (Summer 2018) FREE

[PDF file]: […] Fascism has been used by climate change deniers as well as mainstream commentators like Jenny Diski and Jonathan Meades on the left, and Ross Clark and Geoffrey Hollis on the right, to attack the Green movement. Jonathan Dimbleby is the present head of the Soil Association and he made his feelings about Jenks very […]

The view from the bridge

Lobster Issue

[…] by some of the Guardian’s journalists.7 0 But the material is all worthwhile – even the page in which Robin Whittaker presents Chapman Pincher’s case that Roger Hollis was a Soviet agent. I don’t agree with the thesis but it is interesting to meet it again. On the down side, there’s a jokey tone […]

Inside Lee Harvey Oswald’s address book

Lobster Issue 70 (Winter 2015) FREE

[PDF file]: […] by the FBI shortly after his arrest in November 1963 (styling as original): NAT. SEC. DAN BURROS LINCOLN ROCKWELL ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA AMERICAN NAZi PARTY (AMER. NATIONAL PARTY) Hollis sec. oF Queens N.Y. (NEWSPAPER) NAT. Socialist Bulletin. Caulfield writes that ‘the information contained in Oswald’s notation was so obscure that it would have had to […]

The view from the bridge

Lobster Issue 69 (Summer 2015) FREE

[PDF file]: […] was a laughing stock, correctly assumed to be so 11 Script at . thoroughly penetrated that it was virtually a branch of the Security Service. As Roger Hollis told the home secretary in 1959, “we the British Communist Party pretty well buttoned up.’ It was more than mere containment, says Cornwell, who ran agents […]

British Writers and MI5 Surveillance 1930-1960 by James Smith

Lobster Issue 66 (Winter 2013) FREE

[PDF file]: […] of Theatre Workshop’. As for MacColl, in the 1930s, Special Branch seem to regard him as a serious threat; but MI5 were much more relaxed, with Roger Hollis recommending that he could be ‘left to his plays’. What of Koestler and Orwell? An MI5 officer assessed Koestler as ‘one third genius, one third blackguard […]

Some agent protection issues and more comment on SIS PR

Lobster Issue 62 (Winter 2011) FREE

[PDF file]: […] radio programmes: Tom Mangold’s Ship of Spies broadcast on the BBC World Service in February 2011 and Andrew Marr’s Start the week discussion with Gordon Corera, Rosemary Hollis, Frank Ledwidge and Rory Stewart MP in October 2011. The latter was a ‘safe-hands’ controlled explosion if ever there was one, presumably in preparation for swingeing […]

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