Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey by Kerry Bolton

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[PDF file]: […] that Peter J. HuxleyBlythe, a one-time leading member of Yockey’s ELF, betrayed Yockey by having the chutzpah to try to find out whether Yockey was a Soviet agent. In 2000, I spent an afternoon with Huxley-Blythe at his office in Chester, England. In the 1950s, Huxley-Blythe developed close ties to many Eastern European émigrés. […]

Suddenly in September?

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[PDF file]: […] to 9/11 and ‘aggressively deceived’ afterwards. He tells Jay: ‘Virtually all of the agencies of the federal government were moving in the same direction, from a customs agent at an airport in Orlando who was chastised when he denied entry into the United States to a Saudi, to the president of the United States […]

Thatcher’s Secret War Subversion, Coercion, Secrecy and Government, 1974-90

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[…] sorts of disgruntled intelligence operatives, former soldiers and arms dealers who were preparing for a coup against what they considered a communist government led by a communist agent – the Prime Minister himself.’ (p. 47) But to my knowledge the personnel of GB75 were never revealed and Bloom offers no source on this. And […]

Miscellaneous reviews

Lobster Issue 64 (Winter 2012) FREE
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The view from the bridge

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[…] membership secretary of most left/peace groups in a few months simply because nobody wants to do those chores. The late Harry Newton, for example, an MI5-Special Branch agent, became the treasurer of the Institute of Workers Control. Newton is also said to have ‘penetrated’ CND headquarters.3 On the one occasion I visited the headquarters […]

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