Failed Führers: A History of Britain’s Extreme Right by Graham Macklin

Lobster Issue 83 (Summer 2022) FREE

[PDF file]: […] broadcast his racism and anti-Semitism. The military attaché at the UAR embassy was very sympathetic, but nothing came of it. (p. 281) Jordan was obsessed with Rudolf Hess, urging that he be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He even erected a monument at the site where the man had landed in Scotland back in […]

Anna Raccoon and the dawn of Savilisation

Lobster Issue 75 (Summer 2018) FREE

[PDF file]: […] for the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Independent and The Independent on Sunday. He has conducted radio and television investigations into the fate of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess, CIA sabotage of Leyland exports to Cuba, corruption in ammunition supply at the Ministry of Defence, breaking UN sanctions in Serbia for Marks and Spencer, the […]

Secrecy in Britain

Lobster Issue 68 (Winter 2014) FREE

[PDF file]: […] the Duchy of Lancaster invited historians to suggest what historical records should be released and as a result several files were released, including those relating to Rudolf Hess and the Derek Bentley case. Openness or secrecy relating to secret service issues, according to Richard Aldrich, were at the centre of the debate over the […]

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