The Atlantic Semantic

Lobster Issue 67 (Summer 2014) FREE

[PDF file]: The Atlantic Semantic Here are two sections from a very much longer work by William Clark which centres on the Institute for European Defence and Security (IEDSS). At some point in the future the longer work will be made available in some form. Clark runs Pink Industry: the Atlantic Semantic at at which there is […]

Peer group pressure

Lobster Issue 78 (Winter 2019) FREE

[PDF file]: […] had past ‘issues’, not least in the case of David Mills (the late Tessa Jowell’s ex-husband) and his ‘attempts to clinch a $200 million aircraft deal’ with Iran, which ‘was in danger of falling foul of US sanctions’.19 Taylor, Ann Former Chief Whip Taylor’s register entry tells us that she is a ‘Member of […]

Gaza 2009: Revisiting the Goldstone Report

Lobster Issue 87 (2023) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] the USA). The man who had invaded Iraq and who, in his memoirs, regretted that they had not gone on to replace the regimes in Syria and Iran, was silent during the 2009 assault on Gaza. However in February 2009 he gratefully accepted the $1 million Dan David prize prize from Tel Aviv University […]

The End of the Republican Party: Three ‘Never Trump’ Conservatives on the Trump Presidency

Lobster Issue 77 (Summer 2019) FREE

[PDF file]: […] hers as ‘waterboarding is how we’d baptise terrorists’ (p. 178), McCain on occasion sang from the same hymn sheet, indeed actually sang ‘Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ to the tune of the Beach Boys ‘Barbara Ann’ to appreciative audiences. McCain certainly repudiated claims that Obama was a Muslim, but his campaign, courtesy of […]

The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation around the World by Antony Loewenstein

Lobster Issue 87 (2023) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] number of times a nation has been in breach of UN 1 resolutions. In this context, Israel finds itself alongside the likes of North Korea, Russia and Iran, all of which may reasonably be described as rogue states.2 Loewenstein’s book is clearly an indictment – the charge being that Israel unscrupulously peddles military hardware […]


Lobster Issue

[…] very top of their societies: e.g. bishops and the Chief Rabbi in Parliament; the Vatican’s one time refusal to recognise the state of Israel; the Ayatollahs of Iran; or allegations that Pope Francis may have had a nodding acquaintance with Argentina’s Junta. Whatever the truth of the last of these, it will have done […]

The View from the Bridge

Lobster Issue 86 (2023) FREE
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[PDF file]: […] the intelligence community, and President Biden, all of whom, notes Glenn Greenwald, have declared that “the gravest menace to American national security” is not Russia, ISIS, China, Iran, or North Korea, but “‘domestic extremists’ in general—and far-right white supremacist groups in particular.” The new information regulators failed to win over vaccine skeptics, convince MAGA […]


Lobster Issue 76 (Winter 2018) FREE

[PDF file]: […] is an Israeli fabrication that the Obama administration resisted but that the Trump administration has wholeheartedly embraced. This ‘Hisbollah threat’ is also part of the demonization of Iran, that is once against Israeli-inspired – with the enthusiastic assistance of Israel’s covert allies, the Saudis. Instead of exploring any of this, what Woodward gives us […]

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