Brexit: an accident waiting to happen

Lobster Issue 73 (Summer 2017) FREE

[PDF file]: […] centre and left still reeling from the referendum result. The figures for the US Presidential election are even more depressing than those for the UK EU referendum. Clinton beat Trump by 65.8 million votes (48.1%) to 63 million (46%). Trump ‘won’ because of the way the US distributes the popular vote among its electoral […]

The Perennial Conspiracy Theory, and, The Hitler Conspiracies

Lobster Issue 84 (Winter 2022) FREE

[PDF file]: […] writer and commentator, Jerome Corsi, who was for a while the Washington DC bureau chief for InfoWars. He even ‘hopped aboard Pizzagate’ and relentlessly went after Hilary Clinton. According to Corsi’s 2014 Hunting Hitler, Hitler’s escape was assisted by Allen Dulles, who had ‘recognized that National Socialism was the way of the future’ and […]

Book reviews

Lobster Issue 59 (Summer 2010) FREE

[PDF file]: […] He well understands the US dimension to New Labour, with both Brown and Balls apparently learning their light-touch regulation from Larry Summers, one of those in the Clinton years keenest to abolish Glass-Steagall. He pays less 192 Summer 2010 attention to Israel among the offshore lobbies, but explains well the general vulnerability of these […]

Historical Notes on the War in Ukraine

Lobster Issue

[…] could join at some point in the future.12 However, Bush left office in January 1993 and under his two successors the position was transformed. In 1996 President Clinton openly advocated expanding NATO to include the members of the old Warsaw Pact. By 2005 Poland, the Baltic states, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, […]

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