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Lobster Issue 31: June 1996

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Date:Jun 1996
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • The DFS, Silva Duran and CIA-Mafia Connection by Peter Dale Scott
    • Did Staff D feed the Oswald-Kostikov lie to the CIA
    • The four versions of Silvia Durán's November 23 DFS statement
    • What were the rewrites of the Durán DFS statement trying to hide?
    • Other Sources for the Suppressed Testimony of Silvia Tirado de Durán
    • Conflicts between Durán's statements and the alleged CIA intercepts
    • Was the Durán statement based on the Oswald visa application?
    • What were the CIA Station and DFS station up to?

  • Recent JFK (and related) literature by Anthony Frewin

  • The International Centre of Free Trade Unions in Exile by Peter E. Newell
    • The ICFTU
    • Helping Refugees
    • 'Bellman'
    • IRIS makes contact
    • ICFTUE activities in the 1960s

  • Who were they travelling with? by Tom Easton
    • SDP: The Birth, Life and Death of the Social Democratic Party by Ivor Crewe and Anthony King, Oxford University Press, 1995, £25
    • Labour and Europe
    • The Guardian and the SDP
    • SDP and defence
    • CSIS
    • Trilateralism
    • Haseler
    • Goodsons Jnr. and Snr
    • The view from Washington
    • British exceptionalism

  • Letter from America by Alex Cox
    • Free Ride Department
    • Red Car Man
    • Operation Bowart, Part 2
    • Honey, I Shrunk the spooks
    • Pentagon pollarded?
    • Oklahoma bombing linked to the EU?
    • Garrisonia
    • Adios LA?

  • Surf's Up! Internet Sites of Interest by Jane Affleck
    • Government and politics: USA
    • Government and politics: UK
    • Conspiracy
    • Consorship/Civil liberties
    • Mind Control
    • Cryptography/surveillance
    • Environment
    • Organisations and campaigns

  • Remote Viewing and the US intelligence community by Armen Victorian
    • The CIA announcements
    • Research evaluation
    • Operational evaluation
    • Background and history
    • The origins of Remote Viewing
    • Enter the Central Intelligence Agency
    • Coordinate Remote Viewing
    • Remote Viewing Jupiter
    • CIA's Project Atlas - Remove Viewing Semipalatinsk, USSR
    • Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
    • Project Grill Flame
    • The latter Project Star Gate

  • Loose cuts and short ends
    • Spycatcher in Kenya?
    • The Tony Smythe smear

  • The Internet: a strategic assessment by the US Department of State by Jane Affleck
    • Intelligence source
    • Offensive uses of the Internet
    • International crises and conflicts
    • Domestic role
    • Role in International Politics
    • Protest groups and activists
    • Predictions
    • Recommendations

  • Books reviewed:
    • Profits of Peace: The Political Economy of Anglo-German Appeasement by Scott Newton (1996)
    • Truth is a Difficult Concept, Inside the Scott Inquiry by Richard Norton-Taylor with Mark Lloyd (1995).
    • In the Public Interest by Gerald James (1995)
    • Economic Fundamentalism; a laboratory Experiment by Jane Kelsey (1996)
    • The Nemsis File: the true story of an SAS execution squad by Paul Bruce
    • The Kincora Scandal by Chris Moore
    • Winning Hearts and Minds: British Government, the Media and Colonial Counter-Insurgency 1944-60 by Susan L. Carruthers (1995)
    • Intercepting Number Stations by Langley Pierce (1994)
    • The Great Alliance: Economic Recovery and the Problems of Power 1945-51 by Jim Phillips (1995)
    • Spy Master, The Betrayal of MI5 by William J. West (1990)
    • Fire Magic: Hi-jack at Mogadishu (1994)
    • Defrauding America, a pattern of related scandals by Rodney Stich (1994)
    • Science of Coercion, Communication Research and Psychological Warfare 1945-60 by Christopher Simpson (1994)
    • Lifting the Lid, A Guide to Investigative Research by David Northmore (1996)

  • Sources:
    • Electromagnetic & VDU News, A News Report on Non-ionising Radiation
    • Green Apocalypse (Green Anarchist)
    • Here and Now
    • Probe, Newsletter of Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination
    • CE Chronicles: The Journal of Suppressed Information and the Unexplained
    • Portland Free Press
    • Newsline
    • Prevailing Winds
    • Steamshovel Press
    • By-pass, UK version of Fact Sheet 5.
    • The Baffler, Twentieth Century Lite: the City in the Age of Information.
    • Fortress Europe
    • The Runnymede Bulletin
    • The Scottish Separatist, Organ of the Scottish Separatist Group
    • MI6: The Inside Story. Video
    • Net sources: Tom Davis Books, and, Flatland.
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