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Lobster Issue 28: December 1994

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Date:Dec 1994
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • The Libyan Connection

  • Syria and the oil war in the Gulf

  • The octopus surfaces

  • A Note on the British Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Crises - with particular reference to the Falklands and Gulf Wars and the purpose of Trident by Paul Rogers
    • Ultimate deterrent or warfighting weapon?
    • NATO nuclear planning
    • British tactical nuclear deployment
    • Nuclear weapons and the Falklands War
    • The Case of HMS Sheffield
    • Implications
    • The Polaris question
    • The Gulf War
    • Relevance to Trident
    • Conclusions

  • The Round Table Again
    • Getting closer...
    • How did Ernest Bevin become British Foreign Secretary in 1945?

  • Britain in the 90s: Up against the state (or: I'm not paranoid, they really are out to get me) by Armen Victorian
    • Mail tampering
    • Phoney BT bills and phoney BT engineers
    • Birds of a feather
    • US military intelligence
    • National Reconnaissance Office
    • And the CIA
    • Back in Whitehall

  • Letter from America by Martin Cannon
    • Compromising Reporting
    • Assassination Politics
    • False Quotation Syndrome

  • Mind Control
    • Is your journey really necessary?
    • Been there, done that (credit where credit is due)
    • Injectable microchips?
    • Operation Mind Control 2
    • The brain implant story
    • Postscript

  • MI5: New Threats for Old
    Turning up the Heat: MI5 after the Cold War by Larry O'Hara
    • Are they just faking it?
    • Spook spotting in the media
    • Suggestive examples
    • Ambition
    • Threats actual and potential
    • The future?
    • The Intercine Project

  • The view from the bridge
    • A spook, moi?
    • The perils of disinformation
    • Son of God news (Greenline)
    • The world of funny handshakes and the like (In Camera)
    • Human guinea pigs
    • Low intensity publishing operations (Low Intensity Operations)
    • Briefly

  • The Trouble With Harry. A memoire of Harry Newton, MI5 agent by Don Bateman
    • Harry joins the ILP
    • East-West Digest
    • The balloon goes up
    • Good old Harry
    • The destruction of Fircroft College
    • Lessons to be learned?

  • Searchlight yet again
    • Getting even more ugly
    • Searchlight - an appreciation
    • Searchlight and the New Communist Party
    • LaRouchie-roony, Baby (Slim Gaillard RIP)

  • The Murder of Hilda Murrel: Conspiracy Theories Old and New by Peter Smith
    • Gold old conspiracy theory
    • A rather special burglar
    • Investigation first, murder second!
    • MI5, Zeus and nuclear protest
    • 'The nuclear bruderbond'
    • Falklands war secrets
    • The 'Crown Jewels'
    • Our rather special burglar again
    • Two friends not interviewed
    • GCHQ connection
    • Prison whispers
    • 'George', friend of the Nagas
    • Enter 'the mechanic'

  • British History and the British Right by Scott Newton
    Britannia's Burden: the Political Evolution of Modern Britain 1951-1990 by Bernard Porter
    • The parapolitical dimension
    • Core institutional nexus
    • And what if...?

  • The liberal apocalypse: or, understanding the 1970s and 80s
    • The book's failings
    • A selective blindness
    • Panic among the chattering classes
    • Vaisey's Visions

  • BOOKS:
    • Don't Mention The War: Northern Ireland, Propaganda and the Media by David Miller (1994)
    • Spies at Work by Mike Hughes (19.99)
      • The Right is another country
      • Diehards 1920-79?
    • Gerry Healey: A Revolutionary Life by Corinna Lotz and Paul Feldman
    • Strike Back by Ernie Roberts
    • Journeying Far and Wide; A Political and Diplomatic Memoir by Philip M. Kaiser (1992)
    • In From the Cold: National Security and Parliamentary Democracy by Laurence Lustgarten and Ian Leigh (1994)
    • ZR Rifle: The Plot to Kill Kennedy by Castro by Claudia Furiati
    • Espionage: Past, Present, Future? edited by Wesley K. Wark

  • Sources:
    • 22 November 1963 on CD-ROM
      • J.F.K. Assassination: a Visual Investigation (1993)
      • The Encyclopedia of the JFK Assassination (1994)
    • Steamshovel 11
    • Punk para-politics? Wake Up 11
    • Namebase / Namebase Newsline
    • Unclassified Magazine of the Association of National Security Alumni.
    • Aura-Z: An Illustrated quarterly journal of ufological and paranormal phenomena
    • Rimmer and McClure (Magonia, and, Promises and Disappointments)
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