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Lobster Issue 21: 1991

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Date:May 1991
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Heavenly Deceptions: The Moonies, WACL and the Korean CIA

  • 'Privatising' covert action: the case of the Unification Church by Jeffrey M. Bale
    • Introduction
    • The Unification Church - Korean Central Intelligence Agency connection
    • The Unification Church - World Anti-Communist League Linkage

  • TOGETHERNESS: Jim Bakker, LaRouche share a cell

  • CIABASE, A Computer database on the CIA

  • Wallace on Pincher on Wallace

  • Bernard Fernsterwald (from The Washington Post, April 3, 1991)

  • Western Goals (UK) by Mike Hughes
    • Organisation, History and Politics
    • Early Days
    • 'Split' with the Foundation
    • The 1987 General Election
    • Into Thatcherism's third term
    • The Next Step?
    • Western Goals (UK): Who's Who

  • Advertisement: Top Secret
    The International edition of GEHEIM-magazine from West Germany

  • Print
    • The Dirty War by Martin Dillon (1990)
    • The SAS in Ireland by Raymond Murray (1991)
    • The Terrorism Industry by Edward Herman and Gerry O'Sullivan (1989)
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Rhodri Jeffrey-Jones: The CIA and American Democracy (1989)
      • Andrew Murray Scott and Iain Macleay: Secret War: Tartan Terrorism and the Anglo-American State (1990)
      • Frank Kippax: The Butcher's Bill (1991)
      • Peacelink Issue 88
      • Watchdog, magazine of the Campaign Against Foreign Control
      • Statewatch (successor to State Research)
      • Covert Action Information Bulletin
      • Aries Research
    • Z Magazine

28 Pages

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