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Tue 24 May 2022

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Lobster Issue 16: 1988

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Date:Jun 1988
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Rothschild, the right, the far-right and the Fifth Man

  • Text of a letter The Guardian declined to print from Major F.J. Holroyd (retired)

  • Harold Adrian Russel Philby, also known ad Kim Philby
    • Interview with Kim Philby translated from Kodumaa, No 41 (677)

  • Two of the stories that Wallace planted on Chapman Pincher

  • the British right
    • The Economic League
    • Black Flag
    • Labour Research
    • The Research Foundation for the Study of Terrorism
    • Norris McWhirter
    • Julian Becker / Institute for the Study of Terrorism
    • International Freedom Foundation (UK) - IFF(UK)
    • Committee for a Free Nicaragua (UK) - CFB(UK)
    • Ukrainian Quarterly
    • Secret Armies
    • WACL
      • Asian Outlook
      • Asian People's Anti-communist League (APACL)
      • Wellington Pacific Report
    • The Conintern
      • International Democratic Union
      • PDU, USIS, 'Project Democracy', Wellington Confidential
    • Democracy International, IDU
    • Committee for a Community of Democracies (CCD)

  • Israel's Edwin Wilson by David Teacher

  • Friends of the British secret state
    • William Massie
    • Gerard Kemp
    • Maurice Tugwell
    • Centre for Conflict Studies
    • Paul Wilkinson

  • Hilda Murrell: a death in the private sector
    • Shirley Ann Smith
    • Peter Hamilton (Zeus Security)
    • The Economic League
    • Hilda Murrell (deceased)
    • Alternatives
    • Hilda Murrell
    • Again, this would have been the SOP

  • Overthrowing Whitlam

  • French vendetta: from Rainbow Warrior to the Iranian hostage deal by David Teacher

  • Ken Livingstone's questions

  • KAL 007 and overhead surveillance by P. N. Rogers
    • Motives for overhead intelligence gathering over Kamchatka
    • Technical means available to the US

  • Deep Black: the secrets of the space espionage

  • Journals
    • Counterpoint
    • Executive Intelligence Review
    • Survival in the 20th Century
    • Kenneth de Courcey's Special Office Brief and Intelligence Digest
    • John Parker's King of Fools (1988)
    • Charles Higham's Trading with the Enemy (1983)
    • Behind the Wire
    • Canadian Association for Security and Intell-studies Newsletter
    • Covert Action Information Bulletin No 29
    • Geheim
    • Celsius

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