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Fri 28 Jan 2022

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Lobster Issue 11: April 1986

Wilson, MI5 and the Rise of Thatcher
Covert Operations in British Politics 1974-78
Forward by Kevin McNamara MP

Date:Apr 1986
Publisher:Robin Ramsay
Editor:Robin Ramsay
  • Introduction by Robin Ramsay and Stephen Dorril
    "Brutally summarised, our thesis is this. Mrs Thatcher (and 'Thatcherism') grew out of a right-wing network in this country with extensive links to the military-intelligence establishment. Her rise to power was the climax of a long campaign by this network which included a protracted destabalisation campaign against the Liberal and Labour Parties - chiefly the Labour Party - during 1974-76. We are not offering a conspiracy theory about the rise of Mrs Thatcher, but we do think that the outlines of a concerted campaign to discredit the other parties, to engineer a right-wing leader of the Tory Party, and then the right-wing government, is visible."

  • An outline of the contents
    • Preparing the ground
    • Military manoevres
    • Rumours of coups
    • The 'private armies' of 1974 re-examined
    • The National Association of Freedom
    • Destabilising the Wilson government 1974-76
    • Marketing the dirt
    • Psy ops in Northern Ireland
    • The central role of MI5
    • Appendix 1: ISC, FWF, IRD
    • Appendix 2: The Pinay Circle
    • Appendix 3: FARI - Foreign Affairs Research Institute, INTERDOC
    • Appendix 4: The Conflict Between MI5 and MI6 in Northern Ireland
    • Appendix 5: TARA
    • Appendix 6: Examples of political psy ops targets 1973/4 - non Army origin
    • Appendix 7: John Colin Wallace 1968 - 76
      • The Trial of Colin Wallace by Captain Fred Holroyd
    • Biographies
    • Bibliographies

56 Pages

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