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... material which is being used, or at the very least can identify the characters, the form doesn't work. And if you know the material, why read a fictional version of it? Nonetheless Edward Wilson's A Very British Ending (London: Arcadia, 2015) – brought to my attention by John Newsinger – is worth a look. Wilson has written a kind of parapolitical novel about post-war British history, turning parts of the book I co-wrote, Smear! Wilson and the Secret State, into a novel. Harold Wilson's career from the late 1940s onwards, the American influence on the Gaitskellites, and the attempts by the British and American spooks to manipulate ...
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... Full Text Search Help Enter one or more keywords. eg.: wilson thatcher This will find articles containing wilson and thatcher Searches are not case sensitive. eg. WILSON is treated the same as wilson Use quotes to find an exact phrase, for example: "whitehall sources". You can enter a Boolean expression, using AND, OR and NOT. eg.: wilson AND thatcher wilson OR thatcher wilson NOT thatcher You can also use parentheses in Boolean expressions. For example: (wilson or thatcher) and philby. You can use the asterisk (* ) as a suffix wildcard character in keywords. For example, enter: bug* Will find pages with ...
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... monitoring'.78 He confirmed in a sworn statement that he heard intimate calls but no talk of 'sex for money'.7 9 And there are plausible explanations for the bugging of Oliver's phone that have nothing to do with call 76 Hougan, Secret Agenda, p. 115. The trick book included the names of CIA agent Ed Wilson and KCIA agent Tongsun Park, who allegedly arranged 'trysts for the politically powerful' at Park's George Town Club, which the CIA may in turn have monitored (Hougan, Secret Agenda , pp. 120-121). However, the source for this information is highly suspect, the fugitive CIA officer Frank Terpil. 77 This paraphrase ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  21 Feb 2017  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster73/lob73-scandals-blackmail.pdf
... grand jury on the Vegas matter, Maheu would merely be interviewed by senior Justice Department officials. In this formal session he did not expound on his work for the CIA. "I assured them", Maheu recalled, "I intend to keep my word and maintain the secrecy of the mission." Meanwhile, Assistant Attorney General Will Wilson was quickly assigned to review whatever the Justice Department might hold on the CIA-Mafia contacts. The Nixon White House, he would later tell Watergate investigators, was hoping to turn up proof that the Kennedy brothers had tried to kill Castro, news that could damage the surviving Kennedy brother, Edward, should he run for the presidency ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  26 Jan 2017  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster73/lob73-blackmail-deep-state.pdf
... since 1998-1999 in London, Wales and Scotland, unlike every other major country, the UK has neither a federal system nor properly constituted and resourced local and regional government.4 There is no sign this will be introduced. Finally, the UK lacks a written constitution – again, a unique feature – and no precise role 3 Wilson took 48% of the vote in 1966. A case can be made that Wilson and Heath were the last two successful consensus politicians in the UK, and that the period we have lived through since their demise in 1975-76 should be seen as a period of deliberate non-consensus. 4 Northern Ireland – of course – ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 12  -  02 Jan 2017  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster73/lob73-brexit-accident.pdf
... : money doesn't even to need to raise its voice. It just sends a memo. How the chips fall Lobster magazine emerged from a subsection of the left – what we might call the paranoid left – which was looking at the American and British secret states in the wake of JFK, Vietnam, Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, the Wilson plots and changes in policing and the rise of the 'strong state'. Yet, looking back at the last 40 years or so, it is quite clear that the most important event in this country since the 1960s had nothing to do with any of that: it was the capture of a handful journalists by the apostles of monetarism ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 6  -  20 Oct 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster72/lob72-view-from-the-bridge.pdf
... Black Door Spies, Secret Intelligence and British Prime Ministers Richard Aldrich and Rory Cormac London: William Collins, £30 T his new book by two respected academics has a lot to tell us about how Britain is run. We are told, for example, that at a CBI dinner in December 1971, the Labour Party leader, Harold Wilson, boasted to the assembled businessmen of how, when in office, he had MI5 keep left-wing leaders of the trade union movement under surveillance, 'tapped or bugged'. Indeed, during the 1966 Seamen's Strike Wilson had received MI5 briefings on the dispute twice a day. According to Martin Furnival Jones, MI5's Director, no ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 111  -  01 Oct 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster72/lob72-black-door.pdf
... /news/cia- mind-control-trials-revealed-as-secret-inspiration-behind-a -clockwork- orange-139895.html>. 6 Biswell – see note 4 – p. 236. Ms Lindt's remark about 'christening him' is a reference to the fact that Burgess's real name was John Anthony Burgess Wilson, and his two middle names became his pen- name as a novelist. Edwards, archivist at Manchester's International Anthony Burgess Foundation, confirmed by e-mail: 'We've not yet come across any records within our collection which support the claim that Burgess worked for MI5. ' Note that careful 'not yet'. And note also the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 6  -  05 Sep 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster72/lob72-clockwork-orange.pdf
... Jeremy Thorpe (London: Little, Brown, 2014) There's also a lot of material that he has left out. Let's take but one example, that of Jack Straw, former president of the National Union of Students, who at the time was working as a 'special adviser' to Barbara Castle, the Social Security minister. Harold Wilson, the PM, wanted to see Norman Scott's social security file, probably in an attempt to clarify Scott's relationship with Thorpe, and asked Castle to obtain it. This was a highly irregular request and Castle declined to it herself. Instead, she delegated the task to Straw who willingly obliged. When they later found out about this ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  05 Jun 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster72/lob72-very-english-scandal.pdf
20. Holding pattern [Free Article]
... Whether it was a hoax or not I couldn't say, but it certainly had a smack of authenticity. ' When I checked with Mr Challice that this was on the record, he indicated that he was happy with that and added: 'When we hear of undercover Police having long-term relationships with animal rights activists (and even Harold Wilson being bugged by MI5 lest he was a Soviet mole) it is quite clear that the State reserves the right to monitor pressure groups or political parties. One could even argue that that is part of the State's role, of protecting the British People by gathering information so as not to be caught unawares. ' A fortnight after this ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 7  -  24 May 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster71/lob71-holding-pattern.pdf
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