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... www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3560552/PETER- OBORNE-Corruption-27-years-lies-Hillsborough-destroyed-faith- police.html> The police were a vital arm of the British state in the Eighties as bloody battles were fought against criminals, football hooligans and trade unionists. Mrs Thatcher needed the police to take on the miners. She was, and is, an icon to Tories like myself. It pains me to write this, but we should ask ourselves whether she awarded the police a measure of impunity in return. It is disturbing, too, to learn that investigators are now examining whether behind-the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 33  -  10 May 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster71/lob71-view-from-the-bridge.pdf
... doesn't really explain what exactly he means by this, but I would bet that Blair's understanding of his immediate Labour predecessors in No. 10 was shaped by the myth that their economic record was a shambles; that everything should be seen through the prism of the 'Winter of Discontent'; and that their mismanagement inevitably led to the dawn of Thatcherism and the triumph of individualism over collectivism. I don't propose here to pore over why I think Labour's 1970s economic record was nowhere near as bad as the NuLab crowd seem to accept. What is evident to me – and this whole process was repeated during the last election – is that the Labour leadership is scared shitless of defending its ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  07 Apr 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster71/lob71-broken-vows.pdf
... files from Amstrad PCW format to MS Word 4.0 Example of Amstrad PCW Formated file: <nr43><ps10,10><c >Notes# +/ <nr41><ps6.5 ,7 .5 >< l > 1.<en> The "New Right' and those around Keith Joseph and Thatcher worked hard to portray the Lobster issues 26 onwards were produced in Macintosh Claris Works, and required converting to PC-formated files: Macintosh 3 -inch diskettes are read on a PC using a utily called TransMac from Acute Systems (www.asy.com) Claris Works files on a Mac can be exported into PC-friendly ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  12 Jan 2016  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/cdrom.htm
24. Apocryphilia (Summer 2016) [Free Article]
... ascribed to inadequate or even treacherous political leadership. Put at its simplest, they wanted to remove figures they saw as causing the decline (such as Harold Wilson, deemed to be a secret communist, and Edward Heath, deemed to be a closet socialist and also supposedly homosexual) and replace them with a much more satisfactory individual: Margaret Thatcher. If Raikes and Courtney originated the material, and assuming they believed in it at face value, then they were essentially conspiracy theorists: searching for (and finding) a single overarching explanation of their difficulties. Danczuk's and Watson's interventions follow the same trajectory though in this case from a different political direction.....the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 11  -  03 Dec 2015  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster71/lob71-apocryphilia.pdf
25. The View from the Bridge (Winter 2015) [Lobster #70 (Winter 2015) (free)] [Free Article]
... for the reasons above. Effectively, we are all living in Italy under Silvio Berlusconi. ' W[h ]ither Labour? I wasn't going to bother adding my 5p's worth to the discussion about the Labour Party's future but then I saw the following quote from Ken Livingstone in a 'what's on' free sheet in Hull.'[Thatcher] created today's housing crisis, she produced the banking crisis, she created the benefits crisis. It was her government that started putting people on incapacity benefits rather than register them as unemployed because the Britain she inherited was broadly at full employment. She decided when she wrote off our manufacturing industry that she could live with two or three ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 44  -  11 Nov 2015  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster70/lob70-view-from-the-bridge.pdf
26. Thatcher's Secret War (Book review) (Winter 2015) [Lobster #70 (Winter 2015) (free)] [Free Article]
... made this point to me. 2 The author has a website <Clivebloom.com/>. the author's 'secondary sources', where he has me as Robin Ramsan. Duncan Campbell is mentioned twice, en passant, but is missed by Bloom's indexer. The book is in two distinct sections: the 1974-1979 period, before Thatcher took office, and her period at No. 10. The 1974-79 period is the most interesting to me and about which I know most, and it is that section on which I will concentrate; and I am afraid this will be almost entirely a catalogue of the author's errors. On page 15 we have this: ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 98  -  11 Oct 2015  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster70/lob70-thatchers-secret-war.pdf
27. Holding Pattern (Winter 2015) [Lobster #70 (Winter 2015) (free)] [Free Article]
... ' status at the time or, for example, his intriguing exploits with The Freedom Association during the 1970s. 5 I feel sure that we glimpse here the fleeting shadow of an MI5 officer. alumnus of the far-right Murdoch-funded Campaign for a Free Britain, in which Hart tried to cajole Wyatt (a friend of Mrs Thatcher and the Queen Mother) into recommending Crozier to Thatcher for a knighthood. It really is a small world in the British Establishment. Speaking of which..... Coulson and co Now that the Tommy Sheridan perjury trial has acquitted former Murdoch employee Andy Coulson, there's no risk of contempt of court and so I am free ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 25  -  31 Jul 2015  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster70/lob70-holding-pattern.pdf
28. Tittle-Tattle (Winter 2015) [Lobster #70 (Winter 2015) (free)] [Free Article]
... Conn reported in The Guardian,2 4 May clearly does not see the IPCC decision as closing the door on allegations of police misconduct at the highest level which the commission itself identified as 'extremely serious'. Of course not all of those should be laid at the door of the SYP as forces from around the country were deployed by the Thatcher government during the 1984-85 miners' strike. May does not seem unhappy at taking them all on. She has long targeted the Police Federation for criticism2 5 and her actions in setting up the Pitchford Inquiry2 6 on police spying and choosing a judge from New Zealand to head the one on child abuse,2 7 prompt the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 5  -  29 Jul 2015  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster70/lob70-tittle-tattle.pdf
29. Is this what failure looks like? (Winter 2015) [Lobster #70 (Winter 2015) (free)] [Free Article]
... draft the Alternative Economic Strategy (AES), adopted by Tony Benn as a campaigning tool in early 1975. Framed to cast Labour as firmly opposed to the decisions taken by the preceding Conservative government (and of course, by implication, critical of any accommodation with those hinted at 1 Labour won Wandsworth – at that point a pre-Thatcher, pre- gentrified area of London à la Up the Junction – in 1971 and held it until 1978. by Wilson, Jenkins, Healey and Callaghan), its central thrust was virulently anti-Heath. Thus the AES recommended that the UK should leave the EEC and also (mistakenly) accused the Conservatives of being the party ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 25  -  24 Jul 2015  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster70/lob70-brian-sedgemore.pdf
30. Nixon's Nuclear Specter (Book review) (Winter 2015) [Lobster #70 (Winter 2015) (free)] [Free Article]
... a state's 'credibility', no matter how applauded by the media, is something it would be in our interests to avoid. Alex Cox Alex Cox is a filmmaker and writer. His most recent book, on the Kennedy assassination, 1 There is one possible caveat here. It has been reported that during the Falklands/Malvinas war Mrs Thatcher threatened to use nuclear weapons against Argentina unless the French state gave the British the codes to disable the electronics of the French-manufactured Exocet missiles which were damaging British ships. French president Mitterand, it is said, complied. The source for this story is a psychoanalyst reporting things Mitterand told him. See <http:// ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 13  -  13 Jul 2015  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster70/lob70-nixons-nuclear-specter.pdf
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