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... job in a Texas-based aerospace company. There are, however, significant questions which remain unanswered. LBJ's lawyer, John Cofer, worked on Wallace's defence; and it is clear that Wallace got his security clearance over the objections of the security people. Presumably, though not demonstrably, this influence was coming from (the then) Senator Johnson. Why LBJ was doing all this for Wallace is unexplained. There is little on the Wallace-Johnson relationship: one suggestion from a journalist who was researching LBJ in the sixties that Wallace was some kind of fixer/fund-raiser for Johnson in Texas; and almost nothing on Wallace's putative career as a manager in the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  02 Jan 2017  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster73/lob73-faustian-bargains.pdf
62. Letters [Lobster #10 (Jan 1986)]
... the ultrasecret code-room of the Chief of Naval Operations (then Admiral Thomas Moorer) at the Pentagon. The extraordinary sensitivity of this post, according to others who have held it, made Woodward a member of "an old boys' network" whose influence in Washington is said to be profound. (others in the group include Senator Richard Lugar and Admiral Bobby Ray Inman.) In Secret Agenda I suggest that Admiral Inman, later Deputy Director of the CIA, should be a leading candidate for Deep Throat. Without going further into my reasons for asserting that - this letter promises to be too long already - Admiral Inman's reaction to that report is of more than ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  01 Jan 1986  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue10/lob10-10.htm
... RFK's). But these are not probed or brought out into relief against the array of other interesting circumstances in both cases. Perhaps Smith assumes that the reader like him will have read all the other books on these subjects. Chappaquiddick The most interesting section of the book is actually the part about the events at Chappaquiddick in July 1969. Senator Edward Kennedy and five male companions went on a few days holiday with six female companions. During her husband's much needed break, Mrs Edward Kennedy was under-going medical treatment as a result of her recent pregnancy. It becomes apparent reading Smith's account that Kennedy could not have been in the car that plunged off the causeway linking the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  01 Dec 2005  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue50/lob50-48.htm
... for him, and his dawning realisation that his government was the bad guy in the story and the Libyans might be telling the truth. There is, it should be noted at the outset, nothing new here on the bombing. There are, however, thirty of so photographs of Chasey skiing at Vail, Colorado, shaking hands with Senators, foreign leaders, Presidents etc.; and the opening chapters are a blizzard of names dropped by Chasey. This is presumably intended to reassure American readers that Chasey is an OK guy - rich, successful, connected; and thus trust-worthy. There is, indeed, almost incidental to Chasey's intended narrative, quite an interesting ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Dec 1995  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue30/lob30-16.htm
... real estate developer, on charges of conspiring to assassinate Kennedy. From then on Garrison's enquiry took place in the full glare of the world's media, making objective reporting and investigation virtually impossible. It is not completely clear how Garrison's enquiry started or why Shaw became the chief suspect. It is said that Garrison became interested following a suggestion from Senator Russell Long, later named as a principal figure in the 'Save Hoffa' campaign. (1 ) If Long's association with Hoffa undermined the credibility of the inquiry from the beginning, with the death of another leading suspect, David Ferrie, the whole affair degenerated into wilder and wilder theories. (2 ) Garrison had spent hours pouring ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Nov 1983  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue02/lob02-04.htm
66. Justice Delayed [Lobster #36 (Winter 1998/9)]
... American Hospital in Paris. According to these same court documents, Glickman's mental condition was never quite the same. He never painted again, and he 'never led a normal social life'. Meanwhile, around 1975, an honest CIA officer discovered financial documents which named Dr Gottlieb as having been involved in the MKULTRA Program, and in 1977 Senator Edward Kennedy held Congressional hearings into the matter. While watching the proceedings on television, Stan Glickman found reason to believe that Dr Gottlieb was the American who had dosed him with LSD in Paris 25 years before. Glickman recalled that the man who dosed him with LSD, like Dr Gottlieb, had a clubfoot. By 1981, after ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Dec 1998  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue36/lob36-08.htm
67. JFK: The two Oswalds [Lobster #37 (Summer 1999)]
... , and turned immediately to what are supposed to be Soviet intelligence files on the JFK hit. This is what I found. On November 25 1963, the Mexican ambassador to Cuba reported to his embassy's political section that an 'extensive conspiracy' had been behind the assassination. This report likely came from Cuban intelligence. The leader of the Mexican senate quoted President Lopez Mateos as saying that Kennedy had died at the hands of 'extremely right-wing elements that did not like his policies, especially his policy toward Cuba'. KGB sources in the French government reported: 'The Quai d'Orsay.... has come to the conclusion that Kennedy's assassination was organized by extremely right-wing ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Jun 1999  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue37/lob37-03.htm
68. Lobster Issue 44: Contents [Lobster #44 (Winter 2002)]
... Bacardi The Hidden War British Counter-Insurgency Everything You Know is Wrong: the Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies My Granny Made Me an Anarchist: The Christie File: Part 1, 1946-64 Value Wars: The Global Market versus the Life Economy Pariah: Misfortunes of the British Kingdom The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate The Euro: The Battle for British Hearts and Minds Feedback Web update Pieces without an author are by the editor Parish Notices Thanks to Phil Chamberlain, Alex Cox, Richard Alexander, Robin Whittaker, Rom, Jane Affleck, Peter Watson, Chris Tame, Terry Hanstock and Phil Edwards for information, cuttings or sources. Somebody commented recently ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Dec 2002  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue44/index.htm
69. A vote in the can is worth two for George Bush [Lobster #48 (Winter 2004)]
... mark next to Bush's name instead. (To be fair, another three voters reported the opposite problem.) (5 ) An electronic voting system gave Bush 3,893 extra votes in suburban Columbus. Which is bad enough until you learn that only 638 people voted. In New York, voting machine problems surfaced in a contested state Senate race. Elections officials disclosed in court that seals were missing or broken on 22 impounded voting machines. (6 ) Similar stories could be multiplied almost endlessly. But elections are about steaks, not sizzles. If the result was probably wrong, how wrong was it? At the time of writing (mid November), the picture ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Dec 2004  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue48/lob48-38.htm
70. RE: [Lobster #53 (Summer 2007)]
... ' Asking the BBC reporter to glance out of the window before opening her mouth might have improved the quality of information in this instance. Perhaps more disturbing is Porter's admission that, ' for reasons of cock-up, not conspiracy', BBC World no longer has the original tapes of its 9/11 coverage.(29) Senator John Kerry also entered the fray when he said that WTC 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition, although he qualified this by pointing out that it was to prevent a random collapse from damaging nearby buildings.(30) A reasonable course of action under the circumstances; but if this was the case why hasn't the official investigation ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Jun 2007  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue53/lob53-21.htm
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