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... U.S . was interested in helping to foment the regional crisis in Indonesia, which is recognized as the 'immediate cause' inducing Sukarno, on March 14, 1957, to proclaim martial law, and bring 'the officer corps legitimately into politics'. (31) By 1953 (if not earlier) the U.S . National Security Council had already adopted one of a series of policy documents calling for 'appropriate action, in collaboration with other friendly countries, to prevent permanent communist control' of Indonesia. (32) Already NSC 171/1 of that year envisaged military training as a means of increasing U.S . influence, even though the CIA's primary efforts ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 19  -  01 Nov 1990  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue20/lob20-01.htm
392. The two Indonesias and the two Americas [Lobster #35 (Summer 1998)]
... terminated U.S . military training for Indonesian troops. In fact, in both periods, U.S . training continued on the sly, and for obvious political motives. On the one hand, the U.S . Administration wished to maintain contact with the officer corps of the Indonesian Army, which it regarded as a more secure ideological ally than the Indonesian Head of State. On the other hand, it wished for the sake of appearances to distance itself publicly from the Army, as the latter prepared to eliminate its opponents by wholesale massacre. The first political motive was spelled out in a secret memo to President Johnson on July 17, 1964 (preceding the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 19  -  01 Jun 1998  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue35/lob35-01.htm
393. Kiss me on the apocalypse! [Lobster #55 (Summer 2008)]
... competitiveness of the UK private sector. A number of these policies – less regulation, greater consumer credit, and a significant programme of industrial and commercial expansion led by the private sector – were put into practice by the Conservative government in 1970-1971. Heath took Britain into the EEC in early 1973, a move that was designed to secure for the UK, in the longer term, the type of prosperous economy that was perceived to exist in the EEC. (Heath was an admirer of the German economic model in particular.) Unfortunately for Heath, due mainly to the support given by the US to Israel in the Yom Kippur war in the Middle East, in ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 19  -  01 Jun 2008  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue55/lob55-32.htm
394. PR, Iraq and 'the allies' [Lobster #45 (Summer 2003)]
... been so poor that the spooks are alleged to have resorted to picking up intelligence from 'tainted official [ French] sources in Algiers'; (5 ) and US/UK intelligence on prominent Iraqis living in Iraq was so sparse that, prior to the invasion, the KGB's extensive files were being traded on the black market by rogue private security companies for huge sums of money. The spooks are also supposed to have listened too closely to some members of Iraq's diaspora opposition. Unsurprisingly, they told the spooks what both sides wanted to hear. The spooks spurned or were unable to access the independents. In addition, it is said: 'The police and security service have been ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  01 Jun 2003  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue45/lob45-09.htm
395. Truth Twisting: notes on disinformation [Lobster #19 (May 1990)]
... this MARA report is absurd: the idea of the Socialist International meaning anything is just funny. But the level of ignorance on the American right is so high, almost anything is likely to be believed. Where too is Brian Crozier? Since the Langemann papers identified Crozier as a Pinay Circle member who was engaged in setting up a 'transnational security organisation', little has been heard of the man or of the progress of the group. Crozier's last known action -- yet another attempt to discredit the Institute for Policy Studies, the Washington-based liberal think tank with an Amsterdam offshoot, the Transnational Institute -- was a costly failure. IPS director Orlando Letelier was assassinated ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  01 May 1990  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue19/lob19-06.htm
... CIA and FBI. CIA officials, both before and after the assassination, misreported what happened, falsified documentary records, and concealed the surviving tapes of Oswald's alleged telephone conversations.(2 ) In this collusion the CIA had the support of a sister Mexican agency which it had helped to create, the Mexican Dirección Federal de Seguridad (Federal Security Police), or DFS. The DFS, before it was abolished because of its deep involvement in Mexico's drug traffic, was a key agency in the Mexica Gobernación (Ministry of the Interior).(3 ) It also had close links with the FBI as well as the CIA, being part of a tradition of bi- ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  01 Jun 1996  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue31/lob31-01.htm
397. Iraq [Lobster #48 (Winter 2004)]
... US, before it breaks us. ' are a tiny minority. (12) (However, my guess would be that a significant section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British military thinks this but is unable to say so publicly.(13) Real political power When I began reading about the relationship between the intelligence and security services and the British political system in the early 1980s, it was widely believed on the Labour left that the intelligence and security services were all-powerful and unaccountable. They are still unaccountable in any real sense: their accountability to Parliament is notional. But is clear that real political power in the UK rests with the Prime Minister ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  01 Dec 2004  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue48/lob48-18.htm
398. Kincoragate [Lobster #1 (Sep 1983)]
... enemy or hostile groups to fight. .. .it can be directed against the dominant political party in the enemy country, the government or particular elements of it. It is planned and controlled at the highest political authority."(8 ) At the Lisburn headquarters there was close liaison between the Psyops Units, Army Intelligence and the Security Services. One of their chief sources of information came from homosexuals who were used to gather intelligence on extreme Protestant groups.(9 ) The Army didn't trust the RUC Special Branch.(10) Homosexuality was still a crime in Northern Ireland and provided excellent opportunities for compromise and blackmail. One of the Protestant politicians used in this ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  01 Sep 1983  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue01/lob01-01.htm
... enemy's enemy...Owen Wilkes Introduction The mid 1970s was not a good time to be a social democratic ally of the United States. In Britain we had "the Wilson plots'; in Australia Gough Whitlam, Jim Cairns and the Australian Labour Party got Governor Kerr and the CIA; in Germany Willi Brandt resigned after a "security scandal'; in New Zealand a series of domestic scandals blighted the Labour Party. Were these events connected? Co-ordinated? If so -- and there is no evidence yet -- what was the mechanism? The CANZAB counter-intelligence conferences begun in the 1960s look interesting.... Below, Owen Wilkes discusses ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  01 Nov 1991  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue22/lob22-04.htm
400. Apocryphylia (Winter 2014) [Lobster #68 (Winter 2014) (free)] [Free Article]
... advisor to John Major and currently on the Board of Lord Sainsbury's Institute of Government. Merrill Lynch were a major stakeholder, as were many other US firms. Absent were any representatives from UK industry (although UK banks and the City of London Corporation were members), a telling detail that confirms again how low down the list of priorities secure investment and long term employment for the masses in the are for our political classes. The ICFR was wound up in 2012 after a member of its staff (Charles Taylor) was accused of stealing £600,000 from its accounts.7 The lack of any original (and appealing) Labour policies on the economy is seen as ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  26 Aug 2014  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster68/lob68-apocryphylia.pdf
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