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... are named -- but 40 years on, who gives a toss? Well, rumour has it, the British state for one. They tried to suppress this (or was that also marketing bullshit?) -- presumably for the handful of pages in which Bristow expresses his support for Peter Wright and (inconclusively) discusses Burgess, Philby, Blunt, Thomas Harris etc etc. For Bristow knew them all and harbours suspicions about Guy Liddell, Roger Hollis and David Footman. But that's about all there is. Finally, this book's dust jacket must be a contender for the prize for most inaccurate jacket ever written. It begins by stating that this is the first MI6 ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Dec 1993  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue26/lob26-16.htm
42. Hess - the Fuhrer's Disciple (Book review) [Lobster #25 (Jun 1993)]
... mental state was so bad that only reluctance to allow repatriation to Germany via Switzerland deterred HMG from agreeing to his being declared insane. This Hess knew nothing, spoke incoherently and wrote unbelievably childish and banal letters back to his family in Gemany. (3 ) Yet the KGB and State Department reports, based respectively on the testimony of Kim Philby, the Czech intelligence chief Colonel Moravetz, and Churchill's personal link to the security and intelligence services, Sir Desmond Morton, all point to one fact: Hess came with Hitler's backing so that the British would stand on the sidelines when the attack on the USSR was made. Padfield's plausible suggestion is that the intelligence reports tell the real ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Jun 1993  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue25/lob25-12.htm
... and the West had begun in earnest and many Ukranians were soon to become anti-communist "freedom fighters'. Some were sent by both Britain and the United States into Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland as agents and would-be saboteurs. Most were immediately captured, partly -- but not exclusively -- through the activities of Kim Philby. The authors have chapters on "The Philby Connection' and Klaus Barbie and the "American connection', but, largely rehashing the work of Costello, Cave Brown, Pincher, David Martin, Thomas Powers et al, these are unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, whether or not one agrees with the authors' political judgements, they are ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 24  -  01 Nov 1991  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue22/lob22-14.htm
44. Spooks [Lobster #22 (Nov 1991)]
... www.lobster-magazine.co.uk (Issue 22) November 1991 Last | Contents | Next Issue 22 Spooks Stephen Dorril See also: Part 1: Forty Years of Legal Thuggery (Lobster 9) Part 2: British Spooks "Who's Who" (Lobster 10) Intelligence Personnel Named in 'Inside Intelligence' (Lobster 15) Philby naming names (Lobster 16) First supplement to A Who's Who of the British Secret State (Lobster 19) Below is a list of spooks, both dead and alive, I have spotted over the last eighteen months. Full biographical details will be published in an updated Spooks Who's Who. (C ) = controversial. Assessment based ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  01 Nov 1991  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue22/lob22-07.htm
45. Plotting for Peace and War (Book review) [Lobster #22 (Nov 1991)]
... "alone here knows of project'.(5 ) This does tend to narrow the field of potentially accurate informants. It suggests that even Ivone Kirkpatrick, who actually supplied briefing notes for Simon's questioning of "Hess', was kept in the dark. What does this imply for the status of the information Tom Dupree gave to Kim Philby not later than May 18? Why should news that was being passed along Whitehall corridors and was even the subject of (admittedly highly classified) diplomatic circulars have suddenly become so secret that only the head of the Foreign Office was allowed to know what was happening? Did something happen between 18 and 27 May to throw the government into ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 13  -  01 Nov 1991  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue22/lob22-10.htm
... said that 'I knew Anthony had been interrogated in 1964 by the Security Service and I feared that my name would come up. There were other occasions when I thought it would come out and I would get the chop. ' Montgomery died in February 1988. Clay Shaw, in other words, had one-stop access to Blunt, Philby, Burgess and their milieu. Though there is no information that he met any of them, we know from Olwen JANSON and others that he spent a considerable time in London during the war . (According to her 'he made all his major contacts during those years'.) Montgomery is the one parapolitically significant name in the address ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 5  -  01 Nov 1990  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue20/lob20-02.htm
47. The final testimony of George Kennedy Young [Lobster #19 (May 1990)]
... got out of control and crashed into the wall of a house and out cascaded small arms, ammunition and explosives. The unfortunate owner, who had only recently bought the house, was hauled before the police and explanations had to be hurriedly sent out to the Shah, who, as always, suspected the worst. In the meantime the Philby affair had blown up resulting in several resignations, and Young was recalled at the beginning of 1953 to take over the new post of Director of Requirements (D of R) to redirect the SIS effort more effectively on to priority targets. One of the first problems was to scrutinise the elaborate and expensive attempts to put agents into the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 25  -  01 May 1990  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue19/lob19-05.htm
48. Truth Twisting: notes on disinformation [Lobster #19 (May 1990)]
... leader of the Greater London Council. Such a coup is practically inconceivable, if only because, unlike the leader of the erstwhile Greater London Council, the Prime Minister is appointed by the Queen. No matter: to hint to his readers just how important this section of the book is, Forsyth dresses it up as a letter from Kim Philby (! ) to the Chairman of the CPSU, and has it printed in italics, all ten pages of it; and he later confirmed, to the Times Diary, that he had got the idea from MI5. Presumably it is this section that Mrs Thatcher finds so interesting. During the House of Commons debate on the Official ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 11  -  01 May 1990  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue19/lob19-06.htm
... uk (Issue 19) May 1990 Last | Contents | Next Issue 19 First supplement to A Who's Who of the British Secret State See also: Part 1: Forty Years of Legal Thuggery (Lobster 9) Part 2: British Spooks "Who's Who" (Lobster 10) Intelligence Personnel Named in 'Inside Intelligence' (Lobster 15) Philby naming names (Lobster 16) Spooks (Lobster 22) The official response to the 'Who's who' Lobster special was non-existent. This was something of a disappointment to one solicitor who offered his services free if I had happened to get arrested. There were one or two newspaper articles which advertised its existence so official circles obviously ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 7  -  01 May 1990  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue19/lob19-07.htm
... precision is not yet possible - the Americans took over the running of the exile groups. A Soviet publication, (45) includes what purports to the text of a memorandum of agreement between the leadership of NTS and MI6 severing their relationship. (Soviet publications are not famously accurate but this may well be the real thing, delivered by Philby or Blake.) Presumably MI6 funding of the groups ceased and they were left to concentrate on other anti-communist activities. The Americans now had the field to themselves. The BLEF's George Dallas was one of those who stayed close to American interests. He became preoccupied with the danger of a communist take-over in China, ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 6  -  01 May 1990  -  URL: http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue19/lob19-01.htm
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