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Conspiracy Theories and Analysis

Lobster is the Journal of Parapolitics that includes:
International Intelligence, Conspiracy Theories and Government Abuse.

The publications takes a critical look at the secret state:
including MI5, MI6, FBI, CIA, KGB, NSA, DIA and the DEA, plus
the British military, overseas covert operations, and the work of spies and espionage.

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r&d r-fl ra raaad raat rab rabat rabbi rabbit rabble rabid rabidly rabies rabin rabkin rabuka racal race raced races rachel rachman racial racialism racialist racing racism racisme racist raciste racistes racists racket rackets racon raconteur radar radars radcliffe radfan radford radhika radiant radiated radiating radiation radiators radical radical-green radicale radicalise radicalised radicalism radicalismo radically radicals radice radiesthesia radio radio-biologist radio-controlled radio-frequency radioactive radioactivity radiobioassay radioed radioing radioinspecciones radioisotope radiological radios radiotherapeutics radiowaves radm radomes radosh radu radziewsky rae raeburn raf rafael raffaele rafizadeh rafsanjani raft rag ragano rage rageb raged rages ragged raggedy raging rahach rahv rai raical raid raided raiders raiding raids raikes rail rail-road railed railroad railroaded railroads rails railton railway railwaymen railways rain rainbow rained raingeard raining rainy raise raised raiser raises raising raison raj rajai rajh rajlich rakjat rala rallies rally rallying ralph ramadan ramat ramazan rambled rambler rambling rambouillet ramc ramelson ramifications ramifictions ramified ramify ramifying ramiro ramon ramona ramp rampans rampart ramparts rampet ramsay ramsden ramsen ramsey ramsome ran ranch rand randall randalstown randel randi randolph random randomly randy ranelagh rang range rangeard ranged rangel rangers ranges ranging rangoon rank ranked rankin ranking ranks ransacked ransom ransome ransomed ransoming ranted ranting rantings ranulph raotil raoul rap rap-info rapallo rape raped raper raphael rapid rapidity rapidly rapids rapier rapmund rappleye rapport rapporteurs rapporto rapprochement rare rarely rarity raro rasanov rash rashke raspe rasputin rassemblement rassenkunde rastatter rat ratcliffe rate rate-payers ratepayer ratepayers rates rathbone rather ratical ratification ratified ratify ratifying ratio rational rationale rationales rationalisation rationalisations rationalise rationalised rationalises rationalism rationalist rationalists rationality rationalization rationally rationing ratlines rats ratted rattle rattlesden rattlesnake rattling rattus ratu rauber rauff raul rauschning rauti raven ravenhill ravensdene ravings ravnitzky raw rawalpindi rawdon-smith rawlings rawlinson rawls rawnsley ray raydon raymond rays razor razors rbs rc rca rcc rced rcp rd re re-analyse re-armament re-armers re-arrest re-assessed re-chartered re-directing re-edited re-educated re-elect re-elected re-election re-emerge re-employed re-enact re-enacted re-enactment re-energised re-engineering re-enter re-entered re-entry re-established re-establishing re-examination re-examinations re-examine re-examined re-examines re-formed re-grouped re-iment re-interpreted re-joined re-keyboard re-launch re-married re-organisation re-orient re-programmed re-ran re-read re-reading re-rehearsed re-researched re-run re-supply re-thinking re-viewing re-won re-working re-write re-written rea-gan reach reached reaches reaching reacted reacting reaction reactionaries reactionary reactions reactivate reactivated reactive reactor reactors read read-herbert readable reader readers readership readily reading readings readmitted reads ready ready-made reaffirm reaffirmed reaffirming reagan reagan-bush reagan-era reagan-style reagan-thatcher reaganite reagans reagon reaktion real realignment realisation realise realised realises realising realism realist realistic realities reality realize realized realizing really realm realms reamsbottom reany reap reappear reappearance reappeared reappearing reappears reappraisal reappraisals reaps rear rear-admiral rearing rearmament rearming reason reasonable reasonably reasoned reasoning reasons reassertion reassess reassessment reassurance reassure reassured reassuring rebeca rebecca rebel rebelled rebelles rebellion rebellions rebellious rebels rebirth reborn rebozo rebranding rebuffed rebuild rebuilds rebuilt rebut rebuttal recall recalled recalling recalls recant recanted recapitulation recapping recaptured recce recces recchia receding receipt receive received receiver receivers receives receiving recent recentish recently recently-formed recently-published recepient receptacles reception receptions recess recession rechristened rechten rechts recipe recipient recipients reciprocated recited reckland reckless reckon reckoned reckons reclaim reclaimed reclassified reclusive recognisable recognisably recognise recognised recognises recognising recognition recognizable recognizably recognize recognized recognizes recoilless recollect recollection recollections recollects recommend recommendable recommendation recommendations recommended recommending recommends reconcile reconciled reconciles reconciliation reconciling reconfiguration reconnaissance reconquer reconsider reconsidered reconstituted reconstruct reconstructed reconstruction reconstructions record record-keeping recorded recorder recording recordings records recount recounted recounting recounts recover recovered recovering recovery recreate recreated recreation recreational recruit recruited recruiter recruiters recruiting recruitment recruits rector recuperate recuperated recur recurrence recurring recurs recycle recycled recycles recycling red red-baiter red-handed red-leather red-tape redacted redaction redcar redd-away reddaway redden redder redecorating redeeming redefining redemocratizing redemption redesdale redevelopment redial reding redirect redirected redirection rediscovered redistribution redman redmond rednecks redo redoing redolent redoubt redoubtable redrafted redrawn redress reds reds-shot-the-pope redshift reduce reduced reduces reducible reducing reductio reduction reductionism reductionist redundant redux redwatch redwin redwood redwords ree reed reed-herbert reefer reefs reeking reel reelection reeling reemerge reemphasing rees rees-jones rees-northern reese reestablish reestablished reestablishing reevaluate reevaluation reexamine ref refer referee reference referenced references referencing referendum referral referred referring refers refined refinement refiner refineries refinery refines refining reflation reflect reflected reflecting reflection reflections reflective reflects reflexive reform reform-minded reforma reformation reformed reformer reforming reformist reforms refract refrain refrained refreshed refreshing refreshingly refuerza refuge refugee refugees refusal refuse refused refuses refusing refutation refute refuted refutes refuting reg rega regained regaining regaled regalia regan regard regarded regardie regarding regardless regards regatta regency regenerate regenerating regeneration regents reggio regierungssystem regime regiment regimental regimentation regiments regimes regina reginald region regional regionalism regionalist regions regis register registered registering registers registrar registration registry regment regnery regression regressive regret regrets regrettable regrettably regretted regretting regroup regrouped regrouping regt regular regularly regulars regulate regulating regulation regulations regulators regulatory regurgitated regurgitates regurgitation rehabilitation rehash rehashed rehashes rehashing rehearsal rehearse rehearsed reheat reich reichel reichian reichsbank reichsfuhrer reichsminister reichssicherheitshauptamt reid reid-daly reify reign reigned reigning reilly reimbursed reimposed reimposition rein reincarnation reindicted reined reiner reinforce reinforced reinforcement reinforcements reinforces reinforcing reinhard reinhardt reinhold reining reinstated reinsurance reintegration reinterpretation reinterpreted reintroduce reintroduced reintroduction reinvent reinvented reinvest reinvigorated reisse reissue reissued reiterated reiterates reiterating reiteration reiterman reith reject rejected rejecting rejection rejects rejig rejoice rejoiced rejoices rejoinders rejoined rejuvenated reknown relate related relates relating relation relations relations-sponsored relationship relationships relationsip relative relatively relatives relativist relaunched relaxation relaxed relaxing relay relayed relazione releasable release released releases releasing relegate relegating relentless relentlessly relevance relevant reliability reliable reliably reliance reliant relics relied relief relies relieved religion religions religious relinquish relish relocated relocation reluctance reluctant reluctantly rely relying remailers remain remainded remainder remaindered remained remaining remains remake remand remanded remark remarkable remarkably remarked remarks remarried remedial remedied remedies remember remembered remembering remembers remembrance remilitiarize remind reminded reminder reminding reminds reminiscences reminiscent reminiscing remiss remit remnants remoore remorse remote remotely remotest removal remove removed removing remy remyairtel renaissance renamed renamo renanon renata renato renault render rendered rendering rendezvous rendition rene renegade reneging renew renewal renewed renmei rennes reno renouf renounce renounced renowned renseigment renseignement renshaw rensselaer rent rent-a-mob rent-a-quote rental rentals rented renton rentoul renwick renzo renzy-martin reoccupy reopen reopened reopening reorganisation reorganise reorganised reorganising reorganization reorganizations reorganized reorientation rep repackaged repackaging repaid repair repaired repairing reparations repatriated repatriation repay repayable repayment repayments repeal repealed repeat repeated repeatedly repeating repeats repel repellent repentant repercussions repertoire repetition repetitive repington repint replace replaced replacement replaces replacing replay replaying replete replica replicas replicate replicated replied replies reply replying reponse repor report reportage reported reportedly reporter reporters reporting reports repositioning represent representation representations representative representatives represented representing represents repress repressed repression repressione repressiva repressive reprieve reprint reprinted reprinting reprints reprisal reprisals reproach reproduce reproduced reproduces reproducing reproduction reproductions reproductive reps repubblica republi republic republica republicaines republican republicana republicaners republicanism republicans republication republics republik republikaner republish republished repudiates repudiation repugnant repulsed reputable reputation reputations repute reputed reputedly request requested requesting requests requiem require required requirement requirements requires requiring requisatoria rereading rerun resale rescind rescinded rescue rescue-intelligence rescued rescuers rescues rescuing reseach research researched researcher researchers researches researching researchng reselection resemblance resemble resembles resembling resent resented resentment reservations reserve reserved reserves reservoir reshape reshooting reshuffle reshuffling reside resided residence residency resident residents resides residing residual residue resign resignation resignations resigned resigning resigns resilience resilient resist resistabile resistance resistant resisted resistenza resisters resisting reske reslanting reslim resoluciones resolute resolutely resolution resolutions resolve resolved resolving resonance resonances resort resorted resorts resounding resoundingly resource resourceful resources respect respectability respectable respectable-looking respected respectful respectfully respective respectively respects respond responded responding responds response responses responsibilities responsibility responsible responsibly responsive rest restaffed restarted restatement restating restaurant restaurateur restaurazione rested restitution restive reston restoration restore restored restorick restoring restoy restrain restrained restraint restraints restrict restricted restricting restriction restrictions restrictive restructured restructuring rests restyled result resultant resulted resulting results resume resupply resurfaced resurgence resurgent resurrect resurrected resurrection resuscitation resuscitative ret retailed retailers retailing retain retained retainers retaining retains retake retaliate retaliated retaliation retaliatory retarded retd retention rethinking reticence reticent retina retinger retire retired retirees retirement retirements retires retiring retrace retraced retract retracted retracting retraction retractions retread retreat retreated retrial retrieval retrieve retroscena retrospect retrospective retrospectively retrovirus rettenden return returned returnees returning returns reuben reunify reunion reuss reuter reuters reuveni rev revamped revamping