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Conspiracy Theories and Analysis

Lobster is the Journal of Parapolitics that includes:
International Intelligence, Conspiracy Theories and Government Abuse.

The publications takes a critical look at the secret state:
including MI5, MI6, FBI, CIA, KGB, NSA, DIA and the DEA, plus
the British military, overseas covert operations, and the work of spies and espionage.

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cambridge-educated camden came camelot camera cameraman cameramen cameras cameron cameronians cameros camil camilla camora camorra camouflage camp campagna campaign campaigner campaigners campaigning campaigns campanile campanion campbell campbell-savours camped campesinos campismo campora camps campsite campus campuses camroc camus can canada canada-south canadian canadian-based canadians canal canard canaris canary canberra cancel cancelled cancer cancer-emf cancers candid candidacy candidate candidates candidature candidly candle candlelight candles candor candou candour candy cane canestraro cann cannabis cannes cannisters cannon cannons cannot canny canoe canoing canon canrough cant cantanzaro canterbury canters canton cantrell cantwell canvas canvasses canyon canzab cap capabilities capability capabilty capable capacities capacity capaldo cape capell caper capetown capital capitalise capitalism capitalist capitalists capitals capitol capitolhill capitulated capone capparelli capped cappoquin capricious capricorn caprile caps capt captain captains caption captioned captive captives captivity captors capture captured capturing capucci caq car car-based car-bombing car-boot carabineri carabinieri caracas caraf caralyn caravan caravans caravanserai carbinieri carbon carbonari carbondale carboni carbono card cardenas cardiff cardinal cardinals cardiovascular cardoen cards cardwell care cared career career-long careerist careerists careers careful carefully cares carew carew-hunt carey cargo caribbean caribs caricature caring cariocan carl carla carleton carlin carlisle carlo carlos carlson carlton carlyn carmel carmen carmichael carn carnage carne carnegie carnival carnivore carno caro carol carolina caroline carolyn carone carp carpenter carpet carpi carpizo carr carrado carras carrasco carre carré carrel carrera carrie carried carrier carriera carriere carriers carries carriles carrington carroll carrollton carron carronbank carrried carrroll carruthers carry carryful carrying cars carsey carsten cart carte cartel cartellieri cartels carter carter-reagan cartha carthew carthy cartland carto carton cartoon cartoonist cartoons cartridges caruana caruso carvajal carvalho carver cary casablanca casanova casarolo casbah case casebook caselton casement caserta cases casey casey-garrick-halper-headed cash cash-for-access cash-strapped cashier cashing casillo casimir casino casinos casis casket caskets caskie caso casolaro caspar cass cassandra cassava cassell cassettes cassin cast casta castandeda castaneda castanon castaways castigated castillio castillo casting castle castleblaney castledillon castlereagh caston castplace castrating castro castro-turned-cia-agent castroite casts casual casually casualties casualty cat cat-air cat-like cat-scan cataclysm catalog catalogs catalogue catalogued catalogues catalonia catalyse catalyst catalyzing cataracts catastrophe catastrophic catch catch-up catcher catching catchpole catchy categorically categories categorised category catering catfeet cathars cathartic catherine cathey catholic catholicism catholicisme catholics cathy catli catlin cato catoe catriona catterick cattermole cattle cauchemar caucus caught cauldron caulfield caus causa causa-usa causal causality causation cause cause-and-effect caused causes causing caustic caution cautionary cautioning cautious cautiously caux caux-sur-martreux cavalcade cavalcare cavalier cave caveat cavendish cavenham caves cavity cawnpore cawthorn caylan cayman cayzer cayzers cazab cazalet cb cba cbc cbde cbe cbi cbs cbs-moyers cbsnews cbw cc cc&c ccc cccycrh ccd ccf ccf-affiliate ccf-backed ccf-sponsored ccmg ccs ccta cctv cd cd-rom cd-roms cda cdc cde cdi cdiu cdm cdmd cdn cdrom cds cdt cdu ce cease cease-fire ceased ceasefire ceasefires ceaseless cec cecchi cecil cedar cedarna cederna cedex ceding cedric ceefax cees ceiling ceilings celebes celebi celebrate celebrated celebrates celebrating celebration celebrations celebre celebrity celenk celerino celik celina cell cellmates cells celsius celtic celtiques cement cemetery cen censor censored censoring censors censorship cent centenary center centerparcs centers central centralised centralising centralism centralist centralized centrally centre centre-left centred centreing centreparcs centrepiece centres centrist centrists centro centrosinistra cents centuries centurion century centuryinter ceo ceos cepc ceppos cercle ceremonies ceremony certain certainly certainties certainty certificate certificates certified cesar cesarani cesare cesarsky cessation cesspit cesspits cesspool cetiner cf cfb cfcsc cfn cfoi cfr cfw cg cgh cgil cgt ch ch-oi chaban chad chadbourne chadwell chadwick chaerul chafing chagrin chaim chain chair chaired chairing chairman chairman-designate chairmanship chairmen chairoff chairperson chairs chakotkin chalenor chalfont chalice chalk challe challen challenge challenged challenges challenging challenor challinor chalmers chalmers-wright chaloner cham chamber chamberlain chambers chambost chamish chamorro champagne champigny champion championed champions champlan champness champs chan chance chancellery chancellor chancellors chancellorship chancery chances chandler chandrachundan chang chang-hyun change changed changes changing channel channell channelled channelling channels channon chant chanvijit chao chaos chaotic chap chap-books chapa chapel chaplain chaplin chapman chapo chappaquiddick chappell chapple chaps chapter chapters chapursky charac character characterisation characterise characterised characterises characteristic characteristics characterization characterize characterized characterizes characters charade charades charcoal charge charge-free charged charges charging charing chariot charisma charismatic charitable charities charity charlatan charlatans charles charleston charlie charlottesville charlton charm charming charody charpentier chart charted charter chartered chartering charters charting chartists charts chase chase-manhattan chasey chasing chat chat-show chataway chatfield chatham chattanooga chattering chatto chatty chauffeur chauvinism chavez che cheam cheap cheaper cheapest cheaply cheating chechen chechenia chechnya check check-shirted checked checking checkpoint checks cheddi chedi cheer cheered cheerful cheering cheese cheeseman cheeses cheesman cheetah chef cheka cheles chelsea cheltenham chemical chemicals chemist chemistry chemists cheney chennault chennaults cheque chequeo chequers cheques cherashore cherish cherished chernyavsky cheroots cherry cherwell cheryl chesher cheshire chess chess-playing chessington chest chester chesterfield-based chesterton chesworth chet chew chewn cheyney chez chi chiaie chiang chiapas chiappe chiarini chiaromonte chicago chicago-based chick chickasaw chicken chickened chickens chicksands chickwit chico chidson chief chief-of-staff chiefly chiefs chilcot child child-abuse childhood childish children childrens childress childs chile chile-rhodesia chilean chilean-cuban chileans chilled chilling chimed china chinatown chindit chinese chinhae chinnocks chiodi chip chipchase chipman chipped chippenham chipping chips chirac chirkova chisholm chit chitepo chits chittering chloe chmn cho choc chock chocolate choi choice choices choir choirboy cholera chombart chomsky chong-kyu chong-sik chong-sun chongkyo chonmo chonndog choose chooses choosing chop chopped chord chorepiscipus chorley chorley-based chortling chorus chose chosen chountkas chretien chris chrisman christ christabel christan christchurch christened christi christian christianity christians christic christie christina christine christmas christopher chromerlloy chromium chronic chronicle chronicled chronicler chronicles chronological chronologically chronology chronos chs chuck chucked chuckle chudleigh chum chums chun chung chung-hee chunk chunks church church-korean church-world churches churchil churchill churchill-roosevelt churchillian churchillians churchillise churchillised churchyard churlish churned churning chuter chylina ci ci-iis cia cia-agent cia-approved cia-backed cia-cocaine cia-connected cia-contra-cocaine cia-contra-drug cia-controlled cia-created cia-deals-crack cia-dfs cia-did-it cia-directed cia-drugs cia-financed cia-funded cia-giancana cia-heroin cia-howard cia-initiated cia-linked cia-mafia cia-mafia-narcotics cia-mi cia-mob cia-nsa cia-organised cia-programmed cia-selected cia-sponsored cia-subsidised cia-supported cia-tracking ciabase ciabasesearch ciadc ciadrugs ciano ciaran cic cid cie ciex cigar cigarette cigarettes cigars cigs cil cilip cincinnati cincpac cindy cinema cio cioe cipher ciphers circa circle circles circolo circuit circuiting circuits circular circulars circulate circulated circulating circulation circulatory circumlocution circumspect circumspection circumstances circumstantial circumvent circumventing circus cirillo cirio cirio-bertolli-derica ciro cis cisen cisl cisle cit citadel citation citations cite cited cites citibank cities citing citizen citizenry citizens citizenship citrine citrino citro city city-driven city-friendly city-funded city-industry city-treasury city-treasury-bank city-treasury-foreign citybank ciudad civic civil civil-liberties civil-security civiletti civilian civilianised civilians civilisation civilisations civilise civilised civilizacao civilizations civilta civique ck ckryuna ckta cl cla cla-linked clacton clague claiborne claim claimant claimed claiming claims clair clairborne claire clairvoyant clam clamouring clamours clamp clan clancy clandestine clandestinely clandestinism clanmorris clans clara clare claremont clarence clarendon claret claridge clarification clarified clarifies clarify clarifying clarion claris clarissa clarity clark clarke clarkson clash clashed clashes class class-order classed classes classic classical classically classicist classics classicus classification classificatory classified classify classless classroom classsified claud claude claudia claudio claughton claus clause claverie claw claws claxton clay claypole clayton clayton-garnett clean clean-shaven clean-up cleaned cleaners cleaning cleansing clear clear-cut clearance clearances cleared clearer clearers clearest clearing clearing-house clearinghouse clearly cleary clef clem clemens clement clementis cleon clergy clerical clericists clerk clerkenwell clerks cleroux cleveland clever cleverer cleverly cliche cliché click clicking client clients cliff clifford cliffs clift clifton climactic climate climax climaxed climaxes climaxing climb climb-down climbing climbs clincher clinching cline clines clinging clinic clinical clinically clint clinton clip clipboard clipper clipping clippings clips clique cliques clissold clitheroe clive cliveden cloak cloak-and-dagger cloake cloaked clock clocks clockwork clogg cloning close close-up close-ups closed closely closeness closer closes closest closet closing closure closures cloth clothe clothes clothing cloud clouded clouds clouston clout clr club clubber clube clubs clue clued-up clues clumsily clumsy clung cluster clusters clutch clutched clutches clutching clutterbuck clutton clv clyde clynes cm cma cmc cmg cmhansrd cmlr cmnd cmpubadm cmselect cmu cn cnbc-tv cnd cndyorks cnn co