The truth shall make you free

                                -- CIA Slogan

By Peter Dale Scott.
See also: The Global Drug Meta-Group


At the First Emperor’s Tomb

the Chinese People’s Republic

shows you a preliminary movie

in which this monument of empire


is seen through the eyes of peasants

who rose up in revolt

and smashed the terra cotta statues

we have come so far to see.


I tried asking whether the government

is more in favor of the tomb

or of its being smashed? The guide answered

Both! We think the tao of history


contains both the bright yang of order

and the dark yin of revolt.

So I said, Does that mean

that in the present phase of history


the yin is the Falun Gong?

A short silence. Then

You must understand that in China

there are some things we do not think about.


I know why I’m remembering this.

There are things we don’t think about in America

things I don’t want to think about myself

like this flood of emails from Russia


about Far West, Ltd.

a meta-group almost unknown

and yet so powerful

as well as secure from the law


it could manipulate the drug traffic

to serve both the Kremlin

and similar ruling cabals

such as the one in this country


and also manipulate states

for the ends of the drug traffic

spreading violence in an organized route

from Afghanistan to New York


as when in July ’99 a group --

citizens of three continents                 Venezuela Turkey United Arab Emirates Germany Britain

with excellent connections between them

to al-Zawahiri the brains of al-Qaeda


the Kremlin, Langley, FARC, and the KLA              CIA, Colombian revolutionaries, Kosovo Liberation Army

a group supplying full service

like BCCI before them                                               Bank of Credit and Commerce International

Who else could wire something together


to Saudi Arabia China Israel and the U.S.? --            Beaty and Gwynne 347

gathered near Nice in southern France

to arrange in the villa of Khashoggi                            Cockburn ’00;Dunlop ‘04

the richest man in the world                                        Kessler


for an invasion, bombings in Moscow

and the transit of heroin through Kosovo

to be sold in the streets of New York

where sales doubled in four years –                            Peter Klebnikov ‘00


a deal between Alexandr Voloshin

(the agent in the Kremlin

of the oligarch Boris Berezovskii

the richest businessman in Russia)                              Dunlop ’04; Paul Klebnikov ‘00, 1, 293, 303


Shamil’ Basaev (the Chechen Wahhabi

once controlled and financed by Berezovskii             Paul Klebnikov ‘00, 300-01

who next month rekindled the Chechen War

by his brief incursion into Dagestan)                          Hunter, 154


Alfonso (the Venezuelan banker

who lives in Munich, knows Khashoggi,                    Dunlop ‘04

laundered money for Colombian cartels                     Yasenev ‘04

and is now a banker for FARC)                      http://www.compromat.ru/main/surikov/a.htm


Yakov Kosman (reported

by the scholar John Dunlop

from the Hoover Institution

to be German and, possibly, Israeli                           Dunlop ‘04


suppressing the rest of his footnoted source:

Kosman served as financial consultant

to Hashim Thaçi, the commander of KLA                  Kosovo Liberation Army; Yasenev ‘04

the Kosovo Liberation Army


just when The Times wrote of evidence

that drug money is funding –

as much as half of the funding --

the KLA's leap to power)                                             Times (London), 3/24/99


Anton Surikov (the GRU agent                                  Russian military intelligence

whose study Crime in Russia

on the extraordinary extent to which the Colombian

cartel has targeted Russia                                          


was published by King’s College London                  Surikov  ’95, www.iprog.ru/cast/?id=8

followed by an invitation

to a Seminar in Virginia

on International Security


where he met Fritz Ermarth of the CIA)                               

and -- this part I got first

from my poetic intuition --

was recruited both for his knowledge


and his access to the drug trade:

a hunch confirmed by the CIA’s

payment to his friend “Mekhmet”                                          Yasenev ‘04

who was also at Khashoggi’s villa                                          Dunlop ‘04


and to whom (says Dunlop’s source)

the CIA gave an “assignment”

to transmit $300,000

for the killing of his friend Abu al-Walid                               Abu al-Walid al-Ghamdi

                                                                                                Chechnya Weekly 2/2/05

when the CIA was concerned

al-Walid on leaving Chechnya

would go on to Iraq

to join up with al-Zarqawi.                                                     Yasenev ‘04


Why would Dunlop a reputable scholar

present the meeting in Khashoggi’s villa

as a mere plan for a Russian 9/11

at the behest of Yeltsin’s Kremlin


ignoring the role at the villa

of men like Sosnaliev and Tsveiba

from Abkhazia which now has become

a key heroin transiting point?                                                  Sida/Cornell Caspian ‘02


Did he suppress what his source

said about Surikov and Fritz Ermarth,

Mekhmet and the CIA

Kosman and the KLA


because just like myself

he did not want to think

about who was involved in opening

the new Kosovo drug route


after the mad dash of Russian troops

one month before the meeting                                                            June 11, 1999

to seize the main Kosovo airport                                            Judah 279, 284-85

without the knowledge of Yeltsin                                          Shevtsova 285, fn. 11


just as Al McCoy and myself

both forgot the terrorized vet

who reneged on telling us about drugs

after they firebombed his Jag.                                                           McCoy xii, Scott ’89 147-48 


There are two kinds of businesses:

those which flourish from peace

and the strengthening of law

and those which require the opposite


zones of incessant chaos

like Chechnya Colombia Afghanistan

where drugs can be grown or trafficked

under the watch of PMCs                                           private military companies


The CIA clearly knew this

when in 2001

they brought back “Mr. Ten Percent”                        Haji Mohammed Zaman

at the top of the heroin trade


from Dijon to Jalalabad                                              Smucker, 9

and arranged for the release

of Haji Ayub Afridi from jail                                     Raman

(the same men who in the ‘80s


had organized the heroin trail

to the Soviet troops --

i.e. to Filin and Surikov --

with the blessings of the CIA)                                      Raman


thus restoring the Afghan

opium economy

after two years of prohibition

under the Taliban.                                                       Scott ’03 33, 43-44


and pushing America and Russia

still further down the path

of increasing superwealth

and declining average income


(my starting salary in ’61                                            $7250.00

could buy a third of a good Berkeley house

whereas a starting salary today

would pay for perhaps a twentieth)


increasing income disparities

the sign our state is declining

the homeless we no longer support

and have grown used to not thinking about


as we step across them

towards our ATMs

what Sallust and Arnold discerned

in Rome and Victorian London                                 


privatim opulentia

publice egestas                                                            Sallust, Arnold

until the republic is suborned

by these forces we cannot see


for which the intellectual price

is a shrinkage of our culture

towards the trivialities

of narcotic games and bottom-feeding poets.


Starting in 1998

Surikov, Alfonso, and Mekhmet

had their own PMC Far West            http://www.pravda.info/news/2695.html

connected with the secured transport


of commercial shipments from Afghanistan                Filin ‘05

and with representatives in the Emirates,

Afghanistan, Colombia, Kosovo                                 http://www.pravda.info/news/2695.html

as well as contracts with Halliburton


(Far West’s leader Vladimir Filin

the suspected chief narcobaron                                   Kaledin ‘03

announced that “a well-known American corporation

is a co-founder of our agency”                                   Filin ‘05


while Filin and Far West

worked on the Georgian project,

financed by KBR Halliburton, apparently

with the approval of CIA)                                            Yasenev’04


and Diligence Middle East a PMC

with success in securing contracts

from Neil Bush, the President’s brother          Financial Times, 12/11/03. Cf. Asia Times, 5/20/04

headed by Joe Allbaugh                                 Financial Times, 12/11/03; Asia Times, 5/20/04


who in 2000 organized

both the Bush-Cheney campaign

and the "19th floor riot" that

stopped the recount in Miami-Dade County              Floridagate


and then was made head of FEMA    .

the agency that with Cheney and Rumsfeld              Mann, 139; Bamford, 72

had developed “Reagan’s Secret Coup Plans”

in the 1980s                                         “Reagan’s Secret Coup Plans” Progressive Review, July 1988


the plans for COG                              Continuity of Government

the plans for an anti-constitutional takeover

in a time of crisis                                 Progressive Review, June 1998. Cf. New York Times, 11/18/91

implemented on 9/11


after Bush had entrusted

Cheney and Allbaugh together

to set up a terrorism task force

to deal with terrorist attacks               Houston Chronicle, 5/9/01; Ruppert, 412-18


It is too much. I think of Petrov

blown up in his car in Cape Town

after bugging his quarrel with Surikov

at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna                                     Petrov ‘04


and I think of Indira Singh

who lost her job at J.P. Morgan

after she notified the FBI

about Ptech the hi-tech Islamist firm


bankrolled by Yasin al-Qadi,

a wealthy Saudi investor

who has been officially designated

as a terrorism financier                                               Boston Herald, 1/18/04


with contracts at FAA

the White House the Secret Service                          

and links to the local Al Kifah                                    al Qaeda support group

followed by a Treasury raid


on Ptech and then the immediate                               Boston Globe, 12/7/02; WBZ4, 12/9/02

firing of Paul O’Neill                                                  Secretary of the Treasury

Singh spoke publicly about Ptech

the FBI agents themselves


basically indicated to me

that absolutely no investigation was going on

at which point my hair stood on end                           NPR Radio, 12/8/02

adding as an aside


when I ran into the drugs

I was told that if I mentioned

the money to the drugs around 9/11

that would be the end of me.                                       Indira Singh testimony                


I remember the defeat and fear

in the face of Allan Francovich

whose film on Pan Am 103 and drugs                                   Goddard  ZZ

could be shown in Britain but not this country


the last time he contacted  me

via a cut-out       a mutual friend

one year before he dropped dead

while going through U.S. Customs                                         Independent 4/28/97


and what happened to Danny Casolaro

also researching the so-called Octopus                                   Beaty and Gwynne 224-25

until suicided in a West Virginia motel                                  Buffalo News 8/27.93

with my name and number in his notebook


I think of Jim Wilcutt at the weapons protests                      

his brains scrambled and deranged

after he testified to Congress

about Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA                                 Hurt ’85, 203


Forgive me if I do not want to think

of how they destroyed L

the Republican businessman

(whose innocent mistake was to tell the FBI


about the Nicaraguan drug lord

who picked up the dinner tab

at the fundraiser in San Francisco

L had arranged for the Contras


after which L got a death threat

over the phone while waiting

in Senator Kerry’s outer office

for a secret rendez-vous)


and of what N told us -- how Carlos                                      Carlos Lehder

was released from his hundred-year sentence

to peddle cocaine to Russia

his name in the Lafayette phone book


It is a dilemma: Part of me

needs to agree with the left

that we have to wake up America

that it is knowledge will make us free


(the idea being that truth

unites us in thinking together

whereas these truths of darkness

have been known to destroy


those who have published them                                  Gary Webb, Independent 10/8/05

and I myself can share with no one

except those who like myself

have become distanced from the crowd).


Part of me just meditates

on the new and more flourishing wildlife

that is improving Point Reyes

ten years after the Mount Vision fire                          San Francisco Chronicle 10/2/05


From the glories of the Tang Dynasty

I recall only one date: the year

of the usurper An Lushan

who drove both Wang Wei and Du Fu


far from the corrupt court

into the mountains

where for the first time they were free

to write the only poems we remember.





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                                                DIRECTORS OF FAR WEST, LTD.


Leonid Leonidovich Kosyakov, b. 1955, Ukrainian citizen. Until 2005 resided in Dubai and Switzerland. '83-'85 - in command of a special GRU group in Shindand, West. Afghanistan, assigned to intercept caravans with drugs. In different times under his command served Filin, Lunev, Likhvintsev, Surikov, Saidov, and Petrov. Ret. in '93. Owns big travel company in Dubai. In the spring of 2005 was appointed to general's position in Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) and stepped down as the official president of Far West Ltd.


Vladimir "Ilyich" Filin, b. 1960, Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian. Doctor of sciences (1982). In '83-84 served in a special unit of GRU in Western Afghanistan, assigned to intercept caravans with drugs. In 1993 retired from GRU in the rank of Lt.-Colonel.


Anatoly Baranov. Journalist. Under Masliukov-Primakov cabinet served as public relations executive director, Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG. In 2002 bought forum.msk.ru. Owner of Pravda-info. 2003 - Press secretary to the deputy prime minister Alyoshin (military-industrial complex). "Coordinator of media projects" at IPROG.


Audrius Butkevicius, Lithuanian. Presently resides in Georgia. Former Lithuanian minister of defense. Sentenced for bribery. Has close ties with Albert Einstein Institution. Member of Far West Ltd. board of directors and the editorial board of Pravda.info. '94 - visiting scholar at Centre for Defence Studies at King's College London (together with Anton Surikov and Igor Sutyagin, now in prison for espionage).


Alfonso Davidovich Ochoa (b. 1948), Venezuelan, resides in Munich, Germany. Has German and Venezuelan citizenship. In the 1970s went through special training in the USSR and East Germany. Was close to the Cuban General Arnaldo Ochoa Sanchez. In the past used passports in the names of Jose Rodriguez, Captain of the Cuban Army, and Jose Alva, Colombian citizen. Responsible for FWL office in Bogotá.


Alexei Likhvintsev ("Abdulla," "Pribalt"), b. 1959, Lviv, Ukraine. Ukrainian. British citizen (2000), resides in Britain (Scotland?). '84-85 special GRU unit based in Shindand, West. Afghanistan). Nov '87-Jan '89 - military advisor in Angola. 90'-'93 - together with Filin on assignment to sell the property of the Soviet Army in East Germany, did business with Kosovo Albanian companies. '93.


Valery Nikolaevich Lunev (b. 1960, Belorussia). Belorussian. '83-84 - special GRU unit based in Shindand, West. Afghanistan. Married to Dzhokhar Dudaev's relative Fatima (b. 1970). Retired from the military in March of 1995. Lunev is responsible for security and "strong arm operations". For his operations he hires the former and active duty officers of Russian secret services, including spetsnaz. Resides in the Netherlands, has Dutch citizenship. In 1990-91 Lunev took part in overthrowing the regime of Zviad Gamsahurdia in Georgia. Has extensive contacts in Tajikistan.


Ruslan Shamilievich Saidov (b. 1960, city of Khasavyurt, Dagestan). Avar Chechen-Spanish. Has Turkish passport in the name of Hungar (?) Mehmet and passport of Arab Emirates. '83-84 - special GRU unit based in Shindand, West. Afghanistan. Later, assignments in Lebanon and Syria. Ret. Major of GRU '93. Resides in Turkey since '95 and in Dubai. Advisor to Necmettin Erbakan - '96. Business partner of the Islamic Bank of Dubai and Habib Bank. Since mid-90s Saidov formed stable relations with the Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi, Prince Turki al-Faisal and Prince Na'if. Close to Basaev and Khattab.


Anton Victorovich Surikov , "Mansur" (Ancestrial name: Mansur Ali-Hadzhi Natkhoev), b. 1961, Sukhimi, Georgia, USSR. Ethnic Adygei. Son of a leading figure in the Soviet military-industrial establishment. Resides in Moscow. Has Turkish and, possibly, US citizenship. Doctor of sciences. '84-served in a special GRU unit, based in Shindand, West. Afghanistan). '90-96 - Institute of USA and Canada. '92 - 93 - deputy of the Abkhazian minister of defense, made friends with Shamil Basaev, commander of the special battalion trained by GRU. '94  - visiting scholar at the Center for Defence Studies, King's College London. '96 - ret. Colonel. Also on IPROG staff.


Yakov Abramovich Kosman (b. 1946), resides in Nice, France. Has German and, possibly, Israeli citizenship. Involved in real estate operations and banking. Has contacts with Kosovo Albanian criminal societies in European countries. In 1997-2000 he served as financial consultant to Hashim Thaçi, the chief commander of KLA. The new president of Far West, Ltd.